Small Bedrooms & Loft Beds

pianoladyJuly 18, 2006

Our house has the smallest bedrooms I've ever seen. So, we've built up to accomodate sleeping (as in lofts).

This is our guest room, used to be my dd's room. Relatives can sleep on the full-size bed below, and the kids in the loft.

My son (excuse the mess) uses the space under his loft as his entertainment center. His gaming, tv, and electric bass are stored there, along with his gaming chair.

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What a great idea! We actually had something similar in my son's room when he was little. Then we just had a bunk with a dresser under it instead of an extra bed. It worked out great. Now his old room is our office, has been for 9 years now and I have plenty of room for an L shaped area for 2 desks & computers. I just don't know what he was complaining about all those years....LOL.

Our bedroom is also very small but we remedied the need for storage with a pier group headboard and an extra dresser. I think I have pictures of our room that show just how small it is but we did block the window with our headboard. Sure makes it nice in the mornings as that's an eastern window and so the sun doesn't wake you up.
And the Guest room is very small but my daughter never complained, unlike her brother. She just filled her space with shelves and furniture and lived there until 3 years ago when she bought the place next door to us. Now that we're official empty-nesters, I think I've got plenty of room.

Marilyn in NM

Here is a link that might be useful: Master bedroom

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I've had several loft beds in my lifetime. My bedroom in one trailer we lived in when I was in first grade (I think) (I moved around a LOT because my parents divorced when I was 5 and had joint custody, which I hated) was so small that a regular twin mattress took up more than half of the floor space. My dad built a loft bed so I would have somewhere to play and still be able to fit my dresser into the room because there was no closet.

I also had a loft in college dorms (three adult women in a 15x18 room *shudder*) and in a couple of shoebox-sized apartments. The hardest part was making the bed... I admit that often I got lazy and just used a sleeping bag because I got so sick of whacking my head on the ceiling trying to make the bed. :-(

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Marilyn, funny you mention the window in the bedroom, my hubby got mad and took our's out!!! I couldn't believe it. We still have one window left since it's a corner room in the house.

johanmari--yes, making the bed is a pain. That's the only downside. Luckily, my son can make his own, and the guest room one doesn't need changed often.

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Pianolady, how funny! We only have one window, but it actually stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
Marilyn in NM

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what a great use of space. Your guest room is very welcoming and usable. How nice that a couple can their children to your home and feel welcome.

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My DD has a loft bed in her room. She has her desk under hers. It has been really good for giving her extra room. Without the loft there would be no where for her to have a desk in her room. The only downside is that it gets hot in the summer because the heat rises. When it's really hot she sleeps on the couch or in the spare room.

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