Victorian Carolers

luvstocraftNovember 15, 2007

Got this sign finished today. I need to remember to take pics before I spray the gloss sealer on. Hard to get a good pic without glare, thus the shots from an angle--sorry. I wiped it down with a coat of Old English after I took the pics, I think it sort of tones it down and blends the colors nicely.


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Another good job!! Is it for you,and where will you hang it?? TFS

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Sorry, Kathi, I hadn't seen your questions. It's just for me, I love Victorian things so knew I wanted to paint it as soon as I saw it. It was in a book by Delane Lange that I got at the TS for 49 cents! In fact, I was surprised to see another pattern in the same book that I had done in painting class many many years ago! LOL I think I have some other Victorian people that I have saved--just hesitate to do the really detailed pieces. Doing facial features really make me nervous, in fact, I often hold my breath--like I think that will help! LOL Do you have a favorite style or artist? Have you collected a million patterns throughout the years too? Luvs

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Hey!! I'm finally getting here to view your carolers! Feels like I've been gone for a week. ha Maybe I have. ha Anyway, I LOVE them! You did a fantastic job. I've never seen any patterns like them. A very different style and I love em. Good price on the book too! Your lettering is perfect and you did their faces great. Now were the roses on the pattern or did you add those in cause they look wonderful with this piece. It's looks to be pretty big. Is this something that you'll put over a door or where will you display it?
PS....I hold my breath sometimes too. hahaha Especially when it's something like painting straight lines or my lettering. :D

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Hi Anj, I sorta knew this one would surprise you--not what I usually paint. I just knew when I saw it that I wanted to paint it. The roses were part of the pattern--they are just what I call "mock" roses, just a blob of paint then a few c strokes across them, but they give the impression of roses. Not sure where it is going to go yet. Might end up in my bedroom in place of a couple pics in there.

Were you surprised to see this instead of the R. Mullins snowman,santa, and reindeer one? I have that one started, but just not yet finished. Have to take a detour and do a couple of projects with cats to send to a friend. Hope I can get them done by the end of the week, and get back to the Christmas one.


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I was pleasantly surprised! ha It's not your usual and I'm sure the faces intimidated you a little at first, but you did a wonderful job on them really.
I hope you'll post your cats and can't wait to see the R. Mullins one too. I've still got to give my pail a base coat to get started on my R. Mullins one. Need to get started on some of these Christmas things. Oh and finish my pilgrim bear. Maybe I'll work on him today some. ~Anj

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Good job luvs. Your faces turned out great. You can almost hear them singing. Gail

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Thanks Gail, I really like this one. Have a Victorian couple that I hope to get painted after the New Year. Luvs

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