Pregnant before divorce

terry690February 9, 2009

I have a question, in Ohio do they grant divorce if the woman is pregnant? I have a friend that was pregnant by another man and lied under oath about it.

If the court were to find this out, what could she expect to happen. I know she told her attorney that she was not pregnant and also testified that she was not under oath.

Its only a matter of time before the truth is "visible" and I expect that information will not be well received by either families involved.

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In any state it is perjury to lie under oath.

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If the issue is pressed, the divorce may be invalidated. As to perjury, again it's something that may or may not be pressed. From what I've seen, the courts here would most likely void the divorce and they might have to start over or they would not grant the final divorce until after the baby is born. I would think there is a possibility of her being guilty of fraud. Is the baby biologically the husband's? Maybe she is trying to avoid having another mans baby declared a child of the marriage.

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I'm assuming she can go the "I didn't know I was pregnant" route as to get out of the perjury.

I would think that if the husband really wanted the divorce that he would be "cool" with it and just not say anything. Letting the matter never be brought up to a judge.

But that's easier in Texas than most places. See, in Texas, we only have to wait 60 days after filing to have a divorce finalized. Usually they take a bit longer than that because of the usual complications. But I got divorced on EXACTLY the 60th day after I filed for divorce. I was so angry and scared that I wouldn't have cared what he did, I wanted the ties broken as soon as possible.

But for these states where people have to be legally separated for 2 years before a divorce can be wouldn't work. Because the child would be conceived AND born by that time.

For the sake of the sanity for all involved, the husband should just keep his mouth shut and let the divorce happen. That way after it's done, everyone can go their own separate ways.

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