Boo Sign

anjabeeNovember 9, 2009

This is my Boo sign....not liking it a lot so will probably paint over it next year...thinking plain black like Luvs did hers and put the black glass glitter on them. These do have a dark stain over the top to make them look grungy. Kinda looks weird in the pics.

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Kinda looks weird. No, not at all! I think they look super with all the details on them. How clever to come up with this.

I really liked the way Luvs painted hers but your children will think you are way cool with this finish.LOL


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These are really cute. Very creative with the spiders, the candy corn and the boo all over theme... they are seriously cute. Perhaps they need a different background and a frame to show them off as their true cute selves.


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Anj, they are darling. I agree with both Punk and Joan. If you can put them on a dark background, they will just pop! The designs you did on them are just darling.

You sort of did the reverse of what I was thinking with mine. I had thought black letters on a colorful background. Your's can be colorful letters on a dark background.

I am either going to cut a board to mount mine on, or I might watch for a long frame at the TS to mount them in.

Bet the kids love those spiders! They all turned out great!


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pezabelle fantastic! They are great! Have you thought about making a mobile? Each letter is a part of the whole and fit together so nicely.


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Thanks ya'll. We'll wait and see how I feel about them next year. ha They are all packed up for now. Belle~never done a mobile so wouldn't know where to start, but sounds like an idea. I must say that I saw something online that gave me the idea to paint these this way. ~Anj

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Very creative, Anj. Love what you did by adding the designs.

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