Do you think I should get an 18" or a 22" deep range hood?

texasgal47July 13, 2014

This is a cross post from the Kitchen Forum. No one has responded to the above question, and decision time is now. I have finally decided to get a 6" high SS under cabinet range hood by Imperial with dual blowers and use 8" ducting to allow good air flow. It will go 30" above a Bosch induction cooktop. Imperial offers this hood in either an 18" or 22" depth. I know that greater depth is important for capture of grease, smoke, and moisture. However, my kitchen is small, and I want to minimize the look of the range hood rather than call attention to it. It just seems to me that 9 additional inches suddenly jutting out in space in a small kitchen will look awkward, and perhaps, unattractive. If the 18" hood is used, my messy cooking would be done on the middle hob. The front of this hob measures 15.25" from the backsplash.
I really need to hear from the voice of experience on this one. Gardenwebbers, your feedback and experience are definately important to my decision. Thanks for hearing me out and for putting up with my indecision over such a minor issue. I just don't want to give up that added depth if it will look fine.

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? Am I missing something? 22" is only 4" deeper then 18"...

A photo would help.


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18" because you "want to minimize the look of the range hood rather than call attention to it."

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Yes, pictures would help, but posting photos online isn't a skill I've learned yet, as hard as that may be to believe. To explain further, the right side of my U-shaped kitchen is open to the family room. There are only base cabinets on that side so the range hood would be seen in profile quite a bit from a distance outside the kitchen area. The left side of the U contains the focal point of the kitchen, which is a china cabinet with glass doors and interior lighting that is not much distance from the proposed range hood. Rather than going for a professional appliance look, I've gone toward a minimized appliance look with an under counter wall oven, a black cooktop that blends with the dark granite, and a paneled DW.

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Sheesh, more explanation not necessary! Why don't you get some cardboard and make a hood of both sizes and see what it looks like. Then decide. I keep seeing you've answered your own question, twice even =/

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My apologies for boring you. That was not my intent. Pictures were requested and since they were not available, I described the layout. I was looking for someone else who has also worked with the layout of a small kitchen. Rude comments help no one.

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If you actually cook, I'd go for 22 in. The capture is much better. I have a smallish kitchen and I don't really notice the extra depth looking at it, it's much sleeker than the bulkier looking, but not as deep, OTR MW that it replaced! If it's got a small overall profile it won't take away from other areas.

Best angled pic I have, looks like I really need to take finished pics!

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Williamsem, thank you for taking the time to reply as well as post a photo. That helps to know that 22" doesn't seem "in your face." By the way,I love the colors in your kitchen, very rich. The deep turquoise, dark woods and SS are a good combination.

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I recommend the 22". I have a 24" deep hood over my rangetop. The actual capture area of the hood doesn't quite cover the front burners. I wish it were even deeper than 24". Granted, you have induction, but the steam and moisture still needs to be captured. If you post on the Appliances forum, you'll hear a chorus of "the deeper the better". I fall into the function over form camp 99% of the time, however, I don't think the deeper hood is sacrificing any aesthetics.

Good luck!

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