Tiny Porch into Tiny LIbrary

FlowerLady6July 17, 2006

Hi everyone ~ This conversion from tiny screened porch into tiny library was done last year. The space is only 6'x8'.

Please click on link below to see the project.

Here is a before picture of liv. rm. YIKES! Cramped and awful.

Here it is after and we're not done yet, but this is a major improvement.


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That turned out great, I love books! The "old headboard" makes the room, it feels very cozy and welcoming.

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What a great library! I love your computer nook! And all those books. I'm such a book freak that I just started trying to use the library more so that I can limit the books I have to just the ones I absolutely love.....but it's hard!

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All I can say is WOW. Wonderful job.

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That is probably the most creative way to use space I've ever seen. I want to sit in the corner and read with a Jim Brickman tape on. If it's rainy add some tea and hot oatmeal cookies. I'll even clean up my crumbs.
You and your DH make a GREAT team.

When we built this house we left the hallway wall off one of the bedrooms. DH built his library in the loft area it made. I'll have to get some pics.


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Beautiful! We love books, so much that we have Ikea bookcases in four rooms,just to hold our "library".

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I love it! What a creative and functional use of an otherwise limited space. You and DH did a great job. And the heart shape 'ding' in the tile says it was done with love ;o)

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Thank you all for you kind words and comments. It really is amazing what you can do with a small bit of liveable space if you put your mind to it.

Judithva ~ The old headboard was the 'icing on the cake', for this project.

Marilyn ~ bzyathome ~ I also have been using my library card a lot, got my first one a couple of years ago. I got tired of buying books at the thrift stores just for something to read.

Kathie ~ Thanks. I think DH did a fantastic job.

Georgeanne ~ I'd love to see some of your pics of your DH's library. I love working with DH on all of our projects.

Jannie ~ Book lovers just can't help to collect them. Finding spaces for them is the real challenge.

Nora ~ DH was so disappointed when that ding happened, but the saving grace was the shape of it and yes, the project was done with love.


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What a totally charming room. I'm another book lover; they make any space inviting. When you have people over you'll have to start counting how many manage to crowd in there at a time.

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What a terrfic job you and your dh have done. I agree a little elbow grease and some recycling goes a long way. Dh and I making future plans have decided that's one of the "must haves" in our future home, a library.

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Rosie ~ Thank you. Some people are also intimidated by books. We still have books all over the place, the little library just took care of three bookcases and my computer and desk. It's really neat to be able to look things up in books, in your own little library.

Hibiscus53 ~ Thank you also. You are so right about a little elbow grease and recycling going a long way. We've lots of of wonderful recycled stuff in our place. Hope you get your dream library soon.


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