Tin Foil & Plastic Wrap

downeastwavesJuly 1, 2006

I'd love to see or read about your nifty methods for storing tin foil and plastic wrap!

I'm sick of mine falling out of the cupboard!


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I have that shelf attachment for the back of a pantry door, or really, any door! I keep mine in one of the shelf slots. Oh, and all my zip lock bags are there too! I REALLY love that thing and it holds a lot of stuff.

I got it at Home Depot.


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I put mine in one of the narrow drawers in the kitchen. The back stock goes into the linen closet (which doubles as a pantry; this kitchen is a little short on storage space). And the heavy-duty broiler foil goes in the cabinet next to the oven, the only place it is ever used. It's not fancy, but it works for me.

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I have one of those shelfs like Deb. I have it on one of the cabinet doors under the cooktop. It took me years to do this simple solution (for me) and I keep wondering why. Duh! I'm not sure where it's going to go after the kitchen remodel because we will most likely have a range so no cabinet underneath. I'm still working out some of the cabinet layout.

Leasa, since you and hubby are so handy, I bet you'll come up with something really clever. Hope you share it with us. Btw, thanks for the "weir pole" pics. Very cool and I am a smarter gal because of you. : )


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Mine are in a small drawer, too, but I would love to redo my cabinets with some of the great inserts, sliding shelves, etc, that they have now. I will be looking for some good ideas! :)

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When we opened up our kitcen to the utility room beyond, DH also bumped the refrigerator into the area where the water heater and pump had been for years behind the house and next to utility room. So, now the refrigerator does not stick out into the room, it has it's own cubby hole with the ironing board stored next to it. Above that he made a huge slide out shelf that holds all sorts of things, like foil and wraps, baggies, cereals, boxes of pasta, crackers, etc. I LOVE it. I'll have to show a picture later.

Living in a small home you have to come up with all sorts of ways to make it more convenient for you. We each have different small, sometimes quirky places that we have to improvise with.

I am so happy GW gave us our own little space here. I have a feeling it's going to get very popular in no time.


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Pamela Church

I have a "wrap holder" from the fifties that has sections for aluminum foil, wax paper, and paper towels. There are little doors that flip up for each section and the foil and wax paper sections have the metal tooth bar that allows you to tear off pieces. I use the wax paper section for plastic wrap. The paper towel section is too small for today's large size rolls, so I use it to store spices I rarely use. I had bought one at a yard sale for $1, then found one on Ebay that fit my fifties kitchen better. It can be hung, or can sit on a counter.

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I HAD my wraps in a drawer and last fall as part of a remodeling I GLADLY gave up that drawer and the cabinet below it for a dishwasher.

Sounds like I need to check out the homedepot next trip to Bangor! Hmmm, my mom has one of those 50s holders! That would be great! Maybe I'll go surf Ebay tonight!!!!!

Diana, I like your idea. We have a chimney hiding behind this big wall that sucks up space, I think if we tore out the 3 sides that are in the kitchen and left the bricks exposed it would look nice and give me enough space for a skinny cupboard!!!! BRILLIANT!!!! Supose DH will go along?

Glad you liked the pix, we do have to go get a couple more poles tomorrow and finish off the fence, it will look nice.

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Hi All ~ Here's a picture with the roll-out shelf that DH made over the refrigerator. Holds foil, plastic wrap, baggies, cereal, pasta, etc. lots of stuff. We have some open storage areas in our cottage kitchen as you can see. We 'found' the piece next to the fridge 'curb-side' shopping one day. : -) We incorporated it into the newly renovated 'scullery', which had been the utility room off the kitchen.


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See, that would never work for me because dragging a foot stool around the kitchen with you gets VERY OLD very quick. If that's handy for you, you either are very tall or have a very short fridge!

I have a laundry closet in my kitchen, and those big doors are great for hanging racks, so I have two bag&wrap racks on one of the doors. I also have a fold-down clothes hanger for hanging clothes after they come out of the dryer and several hooks for hanging mops, brooms, and the like. I also have hooks on the sidewalls for shorter hangable items like the dustpan and featherduster, and two wire shelves over the machines for kitty crates, soap and fab softener bottles, iron, etc. There's just enough room between the washer and the side wall for the ironing board.

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I don't have any extra drawer space so for the time being I have my foil, plastic wrap, parchment paper and wax paper in a beer six-pack holder on top of the fridge. Not elegant, but it works well.

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Roopooroo ~ Our fridge is 5 and 1/4 ft. tall, we bought a small fridge for our small cottage. I am 5'6" tall.

Not everyone's ideas will work for all. We have to find what works for us individually.

I used to have stuff stacked on the fridge, but when we moved it, DH thought of the roll-out shelf and I love it. It works for me.

I've still got storage issues I'm working on. It's an on-going issue for a couple of pack-rats. : -)


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I got rid of my junk drawer, and put it in there. It was small, shallow, useless for much else. What I would love to know is how folks find room for keeping their cookbook collections handy. So far I am doing the "stool drag" mentioned above and HATE IT! I also went for a small fridge, short, simple but with a big freezer up top. unfortunately now because its about 5foot2, the junk has migrated to the top of it. :) I guess I need to come in from the garden and clean :(

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The shelves in my pantry are stacked with Akro Bins. I am able to organize everything and fit more into the pantry that way. I have a separate bin for things like foil, saran wrap and ziplock bags. They may not be the prettiest things in the world but for a while I was moving pretty often and it was nice how no matter where I moved, everything in the pantry was "right where I left it" since I just took the bins with me.

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I have a small open plan. Where do I put the paper towels holder. I currently have a marble one that is nice and heavy. Sitting the sofa one has a great view of not only my lovely pull down faucet but me washing vegies or doing something. The kitchen is a small L.

I try to keep the counters clear but without a lot of storage it is a challenge although I am in the clean out mode and if I have not used it in the last year and some that were gifts that I never used or even liked or were totally not my style but felt I should keep them for when the giver came to visit. I have so many I don't even remember who gave them to me.

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@auntsis: Adjacent to the sink... just where the towels are needed. This is your home, not a showplace. How often are others/outsiders present to watch and critique your every move, and comment on your kitchen activities?

Seriously, these TV shows and home blogs have brainwashed the public! If you are having a party... some big bash where you want everything especially 'nice', then put the roll under the sink, or in your closet, wherever. The rest of the time, it is YOUR home... live and use it to satisfy your needs...and not some designers criteria.

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Don't laugh. My low tech solution was a cardboard box with dividers for bottles. Turned on its side in the cupboard above the oven, I slide the foil, parchment paper, different size zip locks into separate compartments and easily fetch. No fancy solution required.

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dretutz, you just gave me an "aha moment". Never gave that a thought!

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dretutz, I think that is very clever!

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