Kohler cast iron sink owners please respond

threeapplesMay 15, 2013

We have now gone through two Whitehaven sinks (neither of which were installed) and both have areas of missing enamel where you can see black or brown dots of the iron showing through. Kohler insists this is uncommon and these areas will rust. This frightens me! We now have to order a third sink. Have any of you dealt with this. I'm including a blurry photo of the type of thing I've mentioned. Thanks.

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Personally, I would change the sink to something without these issues.

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I have a newly installed Iron/Tones white enamel cast iron sink and I don't have any of the issues you described (I had to go check... you made me worried!). However, this design is obviously different. It sounds like they have a quality control issue at that factory or with that design (the odds of two products having the same defect, ordered at two different times are starting to get pretty high).

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Holly- Kay

Threeapples, I am getting the Kohler Whitehaven as well. I am hoping that the first one will be fine. If it isn't I will ask for something different but I am sure I would have to know before the fabricator does the cut out.

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I have a 15 year old cast iron sink from Kohler no problems with rust but it does scratch and stain. I had a newer cast iron from Kohler that had the same problem. I would make sure you get the custom sink racks that they sell. The scratches and stains do cleanup but I get tired of looking at a yellow sink bottom.

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The cabinets and counters are made for this sink. We can't modify them now.

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No problems with this with our three-year-old Kohler sink. Is it possible they've changed manufacturers (or changed QC) for this sink? I could see it happening once, but twice...?? If the cabinets are built for the sink and Kohler is voluntarily replacing it at their cost, I'd stick with it till you get one that is perfect, as much of a PITA as it is. Changing it out later will be even more of a pain. (If you have the option with your cabinet/counter setup, I would also mount it with the Kohler sink brackets, just in case--that's how ours is done and it keeps open the option of removing and replacing the sink later if you have to. The brackets came with our Cape Dory; not sure if they come with all of their sinks or not, though.) Good luck!

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I have a white Kohler Iron/Tones sink, no issues with the finish at all. I agree that it sounds like a problem with QC on the Whitehaven.
That's an expensive sink; I wouldn't accept one that is less than perfect. If it really is so uncommon of a problem, then they certainly won't mind you rejecting another ten. :(

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Keep on it then. You will get a good one.

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Holly- Kay

One promising aspect is they told you it WOULD rust. Some companies would try to assure you not to worry about it. It sounds like Kohler is at least honest. I wonder if the problem is occuring with just one color or if all finishes are affected?.

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I just opened my new Whitehaven sink a few minutes ago! I'm so excited but now nervous , well look it over carefully. Good luck!

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This is the sink I was set on...now I am getting nervous.

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2 years and going strong... love it, not a single issue.

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I have the whitehaven and have no issues. It's perfect

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Another Whitehaven owner. No issues here yet but to be honest, I can't really see what you are talking about in the picture. maybe I do have that and haven't looked closely enough but it's installed and if i haven't noticed it yet, i'm not going to go hunting for problems. hope you get it sorted out.

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threeapples, did you ever resolve this? After reading your message I anxiously opened up the Riverby sitting in my garage and also found some gray/black dots in the finish. Most you can't feel, but at least one can be felt running your finger over it. My designer is contacting our rep at Ferguson's to get a replacement delivered. Keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks so much for your post, I wouldn't have thought to look so carefully at this point without it.

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We are now awaiting our 3rd Whitehaven as the first two arrived with the same spots. I'll post back after the third one is in.

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Holly- Kay

I'm anxious to hear back also as my Whitehaven will be installed in the next 3 to 4 weeks. I love the look of it and sure hope we don't have the same problem with ours.

Good luck threeapples. I sure hope that third time is a charm!

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My new Whitehaven Low Divide sink in Cane Sugar is patiently awaiting my tardy contractor to be installed. It looks perfect and quite lovely so I'm excited to see it installed! I'm a bit bummed since I paid an additional $200 to have it rush
delivered since it's a brand new design and no one had it except the Wisconsin Kohler warehouse. My contractor said he had to have it first thing to build the cabinet for it since it weighs in at a hefty 171 pounds. Hopefully he'll get to it soon. I sure hope your 3rd sink is the charmed one. It's disturbing that there could be such a lack of quality control. Please let us know how it goes.

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Holly- Kay

Sanjuan, what color is the cane sugar? Is it a light grey white? I was looking at going with something other than white but just couldn't tell on the various websites what cane sugar looked like IRL.

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It's a lovely beige and it's got a bit of depth, kind of like the difference in a crackle tile vs flat. The beige is neutral so I think it could go warm or cool depending on what's around it.

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I don't have a Whitehaven, I have a Hawthorne.
It scratches and rusts underneath.
However. To be fair.
Mine did sit on the garage floor for 2 or 3 years, where the water softener overflowed twice. So, salt water and cast iron (underneath) don't mix.

They replaced my sink because of the scratches. It's a discontinued color. Sadly, the sink is built in, so the replacement is in the barn. off the ground.

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Did you get the third sink? How did it look? Perfect, I hope!!! I plan on putting a whitehaven in my new kitchen next month.

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Holly- Kay

Uther, you will love your Whitehaven. I was so wishy washy about installing an apron front. Now that it is installed and I am using it all I can say is WOW!!!! I am so very glad that I went with the WH. The sink area is my most favorite spot in the kitchen.

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Our whitehaven has been installed for a few weeks, but I was peeling off the protective plastic this morning, for the counter top install, which was happening today, and a corner of the enamel chipped right off with the plastic! It's a huge piece broken off the corner. So, I've been on the phone all morning, to have it replaced. I'm nervous about the quality control at Kohler right now, as I certainly don't want it to chip AFTER install either.
I'm really hoping my new one arrives quickly and is perfect!!
Lesson: peel off the protective plastic right away, because it might be holding the flaws in place, so you can't see them .

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Carolmka, Have you tried Bar Keeper's Friend? It gets all yellow out of my sink. I also use bleach spray and just let it sit for a minute and rinse. BKF also gets out the gray scrape marks left by pans on the divider. In our upcoming remodel I'm thinking about the whitehaven (can't wait to not have the double bowl!) The pictures look great.

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I'm reading this thread with painful interest. I had a Whitehaven installed during my house remodel. While the sink was put in during the summer ('13), I just moved back in the house in late November. I immediately purchased the two-piece Kohler sink grid (Wayfair had the best deal at the time.) The grid stays on the sink 99% of the time. Today I noticed a couple of very fine scratches, about 2 inches long on the bottom surface near the drain. I have no idea how and when it happened, the irony might be that the scratches occurred when I was removing the sink grid itself to clean the sink surface. They are definitely scratches, I can feel them with my finger tips, and scraping at them gently with fingernail did nothing.

Having now read through this thread, I'm a little concerned. I'll keep a sharp eye on the sink surface and if more appear, I'll be on the phone with Kohler customer service.

Is there any kind of product that would act as a filler? Does the Kohler product do anything more than clean and polish? The only things I've used to are the Method spray as an everyday cleaner, and BKF for more thorough cleaning.

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threeapples, Did you finally get a Whitehaven that was a keeper? I just found this thread, and have been reading through the posts with dread, as we are getting one as well. My husband is building our cabinets, and they are already built for this sink. Please put my mind at ease.

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I have the 36" Whitehaven and it has been in for about 6 months. I think I could have gotten away with the 30" but love the sink. I do have the stainless grids in the bottom.

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We have a Kohler Brookhaven black double sink that is going on 10 years. It has held up well. No rust.

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I went through three Kohler cast iron Lakefields (no longer made, I think) in 3 different houses and in various colors and never had an issue. They were total workhorses. I had a scratch on the last that I recall and no problem. I think Kohler is a tad overpriced, but for a rich looking cast iron they are the only game in town. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another.

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Our sink has been in close to a year now and I have had no issues. We have the 36" Whitehaven. It is huge. I think they now have a 33" which if they had made that size a year ago, I might have bought instead. I know I didn't want a 30" though. Anyway it's huge, I can bathe my toddler in it. No scratches, rust or discoloration.

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threegraces, I am relieved to hear that you had no issues with your Whitehaven. Do you mind me asking where you purchased your from?

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Sure - we bought it from Warehouse Discount Center

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Whitenaven

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Thanks threegraces!!

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