What size generator should I buy?

lanternboyJuly 20, 2007


I,ve been looking at a lot of summer cabins and some do not have power. I was wondering what size generator would be best for my needs. I know I want one that is powerful enouogh to run a miter saw and such. Maybe TV stereo and lights. Any thoughts or experience on what I should get?


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You need to add up all your potential needs, and then figure out the wattage. For instance, most miter saws are 15 amps. You multiply amperage times voltage to get wattage. So a 15 amp miter saw would draw 1650 watts(15A X 110V). Add up all the things you would want to run at once, and add a little for 'insurance'. There are a lot of reasonable generators in the 5,000 watt range, which should be plenty. Be aware that generators are noisy, and please be very careful to keep it well away from the cabin to prevent deadly (and odorless) carbon monoxide fumes away. I would go ahead and get a carbon monoxide alarm if I was running a generator.

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that helps a lot...now I know what to look for. Sears has a pretty good looking one for $729.

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I see you're in Florida, so don't forget power for AC or fans. Also, refrigerator and hot water heater.

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