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weed30July 9, 2006

Many people get frustrated trying to put links or pictures in their posts. Linked below is a thread that I saved from the Kitchens forum. Lots of information and instructions :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo posting thread

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Here's some instructions for PhotoBucket with lots of visual aids LOL.

I've posted this before on other forums, but I hope no one minds that I post this again. I would have linked to an old post, but they seem to have scrolled off.
Depending on your level of skill and confidence, you may not need instructions as detailed as these.
First you need a Photobucket account.
Go to Photobucket and open that account.
Find a picture on your hard drive that you want to add to Photobucket. Look at it on your screen.
Click on File, Save as, and take note of what directory it is being saved in. Make sure that it is saving as a jpeg type of file. Write it down if necessary.

Go to PhotoBucket
Go to your album.
It will look like this. Place your cursor in the box UNDER the Add pictures from URL (see the circled item)

Click on BROWSE
You will get a window something like this:

Browse to the folder containing your pictures by double clicking your way to it. It helps if you know ahead of time where they are.
Double click on the photo you want to add.
You will see part of the photo name in the box (see the circled item)

Click on SUBMIT and wait.
When the picture has been added, there will be a message. (see the circled item)

Under the photo you have just added will be up to three lines - URL, TAG and IMG (see the circled item)

You will need the TAG to embed photos into your message. If you click on that box, it will be highlighted. Copy that (CTL-C) and go to your message thread. Paste it in the message where you want it. (CTL-V).
If you donÂt see the TAG option, click on ACCOUNT OPTIONS
Make sure there is a dot in the YES circle in front of TAG (see the circled item)

If you want to add multiple pictures, click on the little down arrow beside Submit Multiple Pictures (see the circled item)

There will be a drop down menu allowing you to choose up to 19 pictures.
Browse for each picture as above.

If you discover that a photo is truly too big, after posting, you can go to Photobucket and "edit" the photo.
Click in the edit button and you will see something like this:

If you read carefully, you will see that renaming a file will break links. Don't change the name!!

You can resize...

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I couldn't get Photobucket to work so I just use and copy & paste contents of the "HTML" window into the message window here at the garden web.

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Here goes! After reading the above instructions, I am now attempting to post my first photo on gardenweb using PhotoBucket. It is a block that I made for a birthday block swap group. I loved the block so much that I think I'm going to make a few for myself and put them together for a wall hanging! The technique used to construct it was paper-piecing.

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Oh, it's the TAG! You'd think it'd be the HTML.

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Here's my first. A picture of an okra flower. Thank you very much. I didn't know it was that easy.

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Trying to upload my first picture - here are some tulips


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well, guess that didn't work :)

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trying again

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Mustardseeds, there is a testing forum here on Gardenweb, and you can try to your heart's content there as well. And you can always post to it w/o looking for a thread. Just create one.

What album service do you use? Is it Photobucket? Tinypic?
I use Tinypic, it works great. You use the "code" which says it uploads to websites. It is very easy to get your pictures up there. BUT, if you move the photos around in your folder on ANY such service, it breaks contact with any picture you may upload to Gardenweb from there. So move it where you like BEFORE you upload it.

If you have a browser which allows for TABS, you don't need two windows open. You can open a second TAB for the photo album site, and keep the Gardenweb window open, then you can switch back and forth between the two all day long.
Do a copy/paste routine, of the html codes, then PREVIEW MESSAGE in Gardenweb, and you'll see your picture. Just insert the code IN THE BODY OF YOUR MESSAGE, not down bottom in the OPTIONAL LINK URL.

Below is the link to the Test Forum on Gardenweb:

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Aarrrrrgh, my browser keeps getting stuck on 'Submit', and I'm not even trying to post pics!! After a few minutes, I manually stop 'Loading', refresh the page, and my comment is there. Is anyone else having this problem? Is it just me?

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Just popped over to the garden test forum, and found a message that the site is having 'slow-loading' issues. So I'll just say that I've been really busy the last few days, and I've missed everyone!

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Mama Goose, you are not alone there. I too have encountered big slow downs.

I also put in a link to a place which they informed me was VERBOTTEN, and they'd ban me from GardenWeb if I tried to submit it. Big shock. I back stroked out of there real quick. They were really in my face like in a second on that one, no slow loading at all. I will not even TYPE THE PLACE, because of the way they slam dunked me. It was really funny, that it could be so quick.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Oh, now I'm intrigued! I hope it wasn't RMS, since I've given links to that site. Shshhhhhhh.

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tinyPic is effortless and free to join. when you upload photos to TinyPic make sure to click on "RESIZE' and choose Message Board (640x480).

Then Upload. Next click on your photo so it's enlarged. On the left side of the page are the links. Click and copy the one that says: HTML for Websites. mustard seeds you copied the http: link which you now know is the wrong one. go back and copy and paste the HTML for websites and put in right into the body of your message;

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I followed the directions and my free Photobucket account does not offer a 'TAG' feature to even click on.

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