Trick r Treat Buckets for Boo-tique

anjabeeOctober 1, 2011

Here are 3 paint buckets I painted for the Boo-tique next weekend. Hope you like. Designs based on Gaye Shoell designs. Had to draw them out myself to fit my buckets and they are somewhat different than hers.

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All three are adorable! Each one is a treasure in itself, and what a special way to share Halloween with a child.

Wish I could be at you Boo-tique!


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Your buckets are darling! I love them. Beautiful work.


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Thanks you guys! Hoping they sell!

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Anj, your buckets are so cute. You always paint such neat things. You are a wonderful artist as well as a great painter! It's never to late to start your own designing business.LOL

I'm sure some little spooks will love having these to 'Trick or Treat" with. Can only imagine what wonderful comments they'll get and probably twice the treats!


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I am working on another Frankie bucket right now. That one sold and I got an order for another one!! Yay!

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Newbie here to the site! I love your work so much and I am looking to start doing similar things but I was wondering what type of paint you used on these?

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Oh my, been a while since I have checked the gallery. Sorry jillybean. I just spray painted the buckets black and then used regular acrylic paints on them. Then sprayed with a clear acrylic a few coats to make sure it wouldn't chip. Hope this is not too late to help. ~Anj

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