Need Ideas on closet doors

kray417July 31, 2008

Hi! I'm brand new here and just bought my first home on the 17th! It's about 1000 ft bungalow. The master bedroom is pretty big, but my question is that it has two closets with those foldy shutter type of pull out doors. One is completely useless and the other is about to fall off. I have a very small budget and I am not organized enough to leave the doors off! Any ideas?

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Check the door frames. Do you see markings for where the original hinges for "real doors" would have been? I'd get rid of the foldy things and get solid wood doors. Salvage yards always have tons of doors - reasonable price!

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You can always run a curtain rod with curtains across the front of the closet. Sheets come in a variety of patterns and are very large pieces of fabric, and cheap too! The nice thing about a curtain is that it doesn't need any "swing" space to open.

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I just took the door OFF our closet yesterday and put up pretty lace curtains. My hubby about had a fit. BRAND NEW door and I an removing it. We had a bedroom that had three doors into it. Entry door bath room door and closet door. Took up too much wall space. We have the same here but I had them open entry door into hall instead of into room. Bath door opens into bath room. Anyway closet door was fine . I took it off because I had found that not having a closed up closet for four years our clothes stayed fresher. The closet could breath with the lace curtains.

Made the room feel so much bigger too. Need to make the curtains full or it will look like a dark hole.


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Thanks! I think I'll actually use both ideas curtains for now check the salvage yard later. The money I'll save I'll put towards one of those cool fire pits and burn the doors.

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I have the bi-fold doors on my closet also and they are awful. Mine are four doors, big heavy, and as large as the bedroom door. Since the bedroom was built in the attic of this Capecod house, there is not much we can do with the doors or closet, but I am open for ideas. Lousit

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One of the first things I did to the MB was remove the folding/sliding doors and add 2 standard ones. This actually increased the room in the closet. Of course "room" is relative to our small spaces, but I can easily get to all and see what is there too.

Am planning on doing this to the other 2 bedrooms. No new frame was needed, ripped out the sliding door runners and used the existing framing. Had the standard doors cut to fit opening (not a lot had to be cut off) and used the door hinges.

Try Habitat Restore for used doors, as well as new ones for saving costs involved. You could also use the existing doors Get rid of current hardware, use standard door hinges and trim out the frame to eliminate any gaps.

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In the homes that were built here in our area of florida, they had those aweful plywood sliding doors..ugh. With small bedrooms, it was so cumbersome to get into the closets. After battling them for longer than I should have, I decided to take them off my bedroom and put nice lacey sheers which I also bought the window curtains to go with it. For our grandsons room I opted for accordian doors which have a white wooden look to them, and are more spacious to get into as well as easier for him to open and close.

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