Hiding a refrigerator

emagineerJuly 22, 2006

Just moved into my 1100 sq ft rambler. There is no eating area in the kitchen or a dining room. I tore out cupboards on one side of the kitchen to free up an area for eating. Previous owners had bumped into the furnace room which is behind and right in the middle of this wall for a refrigerator alcove. This wall area created wasted space. refrigerator is now located in the corne and easy access.

The refrigerator is fairly new, 22 cf and a bottom freezer. I really don't want to replace. It is black, which worked for previous home, but has now become the main thing seen when walking into the kitchen.

Can't match the cupboard doors to do a panel. Have thought about building a beadboard panel/box, or using a stainless steel product found for wrapping appliances. Both of which seem like last ditch efforts right now. Saw one that had been transformed to look like an old cupboard and was intrigued with such.

Do any of you have some ideas on how to hide this "thing"? What creative ideas have worked?

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Why don't you try Contact Paper? I had to patch a few tiles in my bathtub after they were removed. I didn't want to do a "real" job in case they had to be removed again. I got some nice marbled C paper and put that over the wall area (under the shower BTW) That was 5 years ago and the C paper is still there.

Check out the Contact aisle in your different stores. I read that it now comes in mettalic finish. Maybe they have website too.

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If a different color on the fridge will do the trick, you can have it painted by an auto-body place or someplace that works on sheet metal. White or even cabinet color might hide it better and it likely will be cheaper than one of those wrap kits (like the Frigos). Or how about chalkboard paint? I don't know if your fridge is textured, but making it "artwork central" might help.

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I painted the white refrigerator I inherited with the house black. It was a nice side-by-side, so I couldn't see spending the money for a new one just because it was the wrong color. Just make sure you tape everything well, and spray the doors with them standing up for even coverage (sprayed the refrigerator outside). It's been a year now, and my refrigerator still looks great! I used Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy.



Here is a link that might be useful: More Information

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Nice job with that side-by-side

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Piano Lady, I agree, great job....and your kitchen looks very much like the one I moved from, colors, etc. Great selections, my norm is darker colors and love terracottas. The black worked really well as it does in yours. New kitchen has off white tile (hoping to change this later), light cherry cupboards. I am not sure about painting mine, the finish is not metal and has a texture. Your pics also made me realize that if I painted the walls in a darker color (right now they are white too) that the fridge might not stand out as much. Stove and dishwasher are black with some stainless trim and the MW is stainless...they look great in the scheme of things. So, thanks for posting the pics as they prompted my thinking a bit more, beyond focusing on a big black box.

Steve...looked at Frigo and jeesh, would cost me 600 to get the frame and panels. This fridge also has rounded sides on the doors, but there are holes for screws on the outside edges (which are plugged), not sure what they are used for as I haven't found part numbers for a frame with this model. I even considered the metal frames for paintings that you put together yourself and inserting my own panels. As for a black board, already attached one the full size of top door. Still black, could change it to green. Haven't used the blackboard as thought, but my grown kids leave loving messages there when least expected.

Minnie, thanks for your suggestion, but I really want something like a "real" door. I also found fridge wraps available with tons of possibilities. Everytime I start to go whimsy or eclectic my real self heads back to simple...am a minimalist.

Thanks all for responding...your ideas prompt me into thinking more.

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Did you check with an auto body shop? Some of them will spray paint a fridge; perhaps you could get a metallic paint.

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There are also appliance places that just come to your home and paint it so the fridge doesn't have to be toted to an auto body shop. They use a magnetic paint which won't overspray into the kitchen.


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My refrigerator has a texture in it too, but it worked fine. Going from black to a lighter color would concern me a bit if DIY, bet it would take lots of coats. The spray does come in a stainless steel finish, but with the texture, not sure that would look right.

What are the handles like on your refrigerator? Can you paint them the stainless steel coating to match your other appliances? Might make it all tie together.

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Piano Lady,
You are right, the finish is a problem and not comfortable with the painting results. My stove is black, but has stainless trim and a glass front which seems to allow it blending in. I did search for replacement handles in stainless, even considered replacement doors, but the fridge is 1 year old and parts aren't shown as available. Right now the handles aren't even on, took them off to move it in. Surprisingly it doesn't even need handles, opens fine without.

Thinking more about your handle suggestion....I did find a site that sells antique hardware for new refridgerators. Will go back there again and see what creative possiblities there are.


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Painting your walls is a great idea. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the change it will give to the whole look of the room. And I bet that black box recedes to a point you may not want to change it. Paint is our best decorating friend. : )

Since you like terra cotta, how about looking at the other side of the color wheel for its compliment - green. I'm thinking something in the sage or basil color range would look lovely. Since you have to live with the white tile for awhile, maybe consider some area rugs that will pick up the colors of the walls and appliances. Do you like the Tuscan/Mediterranean look that is so popular right now? I saw some really pretty area rugs at Penney's recently that had black, wine and a basil green as the focus colors with some gold thrown in. Yummy! And they have been having some great sales. I bought some of the Chris Madden hotel bath towels, usually $20, for $8! Lots of other home stuff on sale, too - 50-60 % off.

If you do change the frig color to stainless, I'd check the auto body route. I've found the spray paints to be good except for the stainless. They never look quite right. Maybe you could do a small, inconspicuous spot just to see what it would look like. Agree, Rustoleum is the best.

And take a look at the finished kitchen blog that starpooh created on the kitchen forum. You'll get loads of inspiration, I promise. : )

Good luck and post pics when you can!

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You are reading my mind....green was on the agenda. Primarily because green and terracotta are my favorite. And, I saw a green in the herb charts too as you mentioned, which drew my attention. Currently have a black-blackboard on the fridge and thinking of changing this to green which may also help blend in. The blackboard covers most of the door...and as written before, this thing has become a fun addition with my grown kids writing wonderful notes which are usually found after they have left. Funny, I just remembered that years ago I had an antique sign which was a black board...in the bathroom. The kids always wrote on this too.

I picked up a 5 X 7 rug a couple of weeks ago which is a red hue with green and sand detail. It looks wonderful in the kitchen, so I know it is time to paint the kitchen with to wow the whole thing. Have never used rugs in the kitchen, so this surprised me that one simple addition worked so well and started pulling the room together. In a small house I keep trying "not" to add, many lessons are being learned.

As for painting the fridge, am foregoing. As mentioned, there is a texture on it and am fairly sure this wouldn't work well.

All of you are great....sure helps with bouncing around ideas and supporting my visuals/decisions for moving ahead. Can't wait to get this done and post pics of before/after. Probably should post sooner than later as there is a good chance the group of you have ideas which could save me time and mistakes.

I'm definitely ready to jump on the kitchen chaos....Thanks


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Sandy, it's going to look great, whatever you decide. Wish I was nearer to help you. I love to paint - yep, you heard right, love to paint. I said that once in our local hardware store and got a few offers from a few guys to come home with them. My DH was standing right there and had the strangest look on his face. Hmmm . . . maybe he thought it was a good idea . . . : )

Rugs are great to use as the focal piece for choosing other colors in a room. So is a fabric that is going to be used for curtains/drapes or upholstery. Makes selections of paint so much easier. Designers use this "trick" all the time.

Have fun and don't forget to take a vitamin C (chocolate) break. : )


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