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ans_gardenJanuary 29, 2009

I love this forum, but I've lurked long enough! You all have such great advice for others; I hope you can help me. I recently finished this panel I made last year & am ready to grout, but all I see is this great green blob in the middle (the grass)! Do you think grey grout will unify the piece or is there another way to soften it? it's stained glass on Wedi board. I'm bummed as I think I rushed to get it done & did sloppy work there.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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every piece is a learning experience isn't it, and we are our own worst critics! this is gorgeous and instead of trying to fracture the green I would suggest the tieing color for the piece is green and if it were mine I would grout in green. I think that the garden needs more foliage and the patio needs moss in the cracks and the lawn will not look so prominant.

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I thought it was a huge philodendron leaf and was there on purpose....

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I love it. Just thought I'd say that.

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Don't be so critical of yourself. You've done a good job. I would have continued the smaller greens for the lawn. Many time I have switched to larger pieces because I TOO get impatient to finish, but ususally go back and chop the glass to smaller pieces. But you detail is very good. I love the panel. And as opinions go I would use charcoal or black. I think they would tone the lawn a little. Whatever you decide to do be proud of what you've created. It's beautiful.


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Oh, thanks for your kind words, and mostly, your constructive feedback. I put so much work into this and it was really too complicated for my skill level, but the scene was something I couldn't get out of my head so I HAD to do it. I started messin' around with mosaics about 2 years ago using a variety of materials, but this was my first (& largest) all-glass piece; inspired loosely by the magnificent Irina Charny.

Now that I've calmed down a bit, I can appreciate how much I learned in this project, and it is what it is. I do think that it needs the larger grass pieces (such as they are) to balance out the teeny flower pieces, so I'm thinking it's all in the grout.

Does anyone have a good example I could peek at showing how grout (esp. green) changes the piece? Before & after pics maybe...? I have typically only used charcoal grout myself, but intrigued with the idea of grass in the patio cracks.

Thanks so much,

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I don't have any examples but the best thing I have learned to do is to stick a combo of the same tess on a board and try out several colors. Or if you are using colored grout from the manufacturers you can pour the dry grout on to the piece, dust it into the grout lines and get a good idea of the finished look, then just dump it off and brush it away...

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LOVE IT!!!! Grout that puppy!!!! If you don't like it you could always send it to me!!!! lol!

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Well, thanks to you all, I quit whining & just jumped in (the water's fine)! But I did chicken out with the green grout - just thought the overall panel would be TOO green (although I have committed to green for another project I'm working on - tease). So, I went with charcoal (it looks black in the pix because it's still wet). I'm off to mix up the 2nd batch of grout to do the bottom half now:

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WELL HEY it looks SPECTACULAR! You have to be pleased right? you should be!

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Ditto Nice! That looks great.
This was a learning experience for me too. I was challenged by your question, and thought for a moment and came up with the same plan, to darken the grout around the flowers. Good to know I am learning something!
Thanks, and I can't wait for the next piece you do.

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OH YEA Dear Heart already it is looking better. The grout choice was right

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Voila, it's done! The charcoal grout lightened up quite a bit now that it's dry. I used a tan grout just on the dog to 'de-fracture' him and that's as daring as I get with colored grout! In hindsight, green grout would've worked well like nicethyme recommended to add foliage color (the grey looks like dirt!)

I still need to paint the thinset on the edges & do some clean-up work. I learned soooo much on this project..., but, on to the next one - whoo-hoo!

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BEAUTIFUL. What a wonderful job you did.

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It looks tremendous, the details on the furniture are mindblowing!

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Wow, it's gorgeous. I especially like the table and chairs. Wonderful.

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Just beautiful!!! You should be proud

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Beautiful! You did a fantastic job! Get to work on the next one, can't wait to see it.

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Wow, thanks! My head is swelling...

The furniture is made out of skinny glass rods I got at a stained glass store, which worked well as 'wrought iron', and I made the chair seats by gluing patterned tissue paper onto clear, textured glass. Also, the coffee cup actually protrudes about 1/4"; made from a tile chip and a white plastic bead cut in half for the handle. The pots protrude too as they're real mini clay pots I picked up from Michael's. I stuffed these with thinset and a finish layer of grout.

Making some of these details sort of reminded me of playing with dollhouse furniture - it was so fun. Guess I haven't quite grown up yet.

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