Mirror jazzed up!

luvstocraftOctober 8, 2009

Was given two of these mirrors from my friend at the antique/collectibles store. he said they hadn't sold and needed something. I told her I didn't have a place for them but I would paint something on them and bring them back for her to see if they would sell. Here's what I did to the first one. Luvs

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Luvs, great choice on this mirror. It turned out really cute. Did you add the spoons or were they already on the mirror. Sure would come in handy with all those cups of coffee. haha I really like the little cups of coffee and coffee time is the perfect saying. Let us know what they think of your creation and also how quick it sells.

What do you plan to paint on the other one? You could use door handles from cabinets if spoons didn't work for what your painting on it. I'm going to add some to some trays if I ever find mine again.LOL


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Luvs, this is the neatest thing!! Someone is going to fall in love with this.

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Aw, that turned out KA-UTE!! I bet it will sell now for sure. Love the spoons on there. Great job!! Let us know how it does!! ~Anj

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Luvs....you sure put a lot of work into those little cups! And I love the way your theme fits the mirror, cups and saucers and spoons. It is really cute and will look good on someones wall!


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Thanks Ladies, after I posted this, I realized that I need to fix the outline on the two e's. Funny how things pop up better in a pictureI than when you are looking at it IRL. LOL

I thought the little spoon hooks could hold an apron or towel. Wish the box part was wider so it could hold one of those flavored coffee tins. Maybe it could be used for sweetener or something.

Any ideas for what I could paint on the 2nd one? It is exactly like this one. I sort of thought about doing a base color on it and using a cupcake or candy design--but those middle lines in the mirror are sort of wierd, not wood and might not take the paint well.


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How about some roses? Most ladies seem to like roses and it should go in most homes nicely.


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Well, Luvs, you could do an alphabet around it for a more kid like look or with the holidays coming up you could maybe do a couple of pine limbs crossing and hanging down the top with some ornaments hanging from them down either side, or even something with some of your acorns and leaves would be nice for fall. You could even fill the little box part at the bottom with either Christmas or fall faux greenery/leaves if you went in that direction. I think that would look really cute.

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Some more ideas on this site. Fun to look at anyway. ha

Here is a link that might be useful: painted mirror frames

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Might of known you would come up with some wonderful ideas. I think most of your ideas would be great. We'll just wait and see what Luv's paints on it. I have the alphabet out of crayons and that's the first thing I thought of when you mentioned the kids.

After reading about pine bows, one could even add some wildlife for a cabin mirror. Endless possibilities huh? Punk

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Luvs....I like the idea of using it for Christmas, but I see the round wrapped candy cane stripped candy, and the box area with loads of candy to match.

I liked Anj's idea of the Alph., for a child's room or area and the box can hold their treasures. I thought of your DGD when I read your questions and thought of children's things like Snowwhite and Peter Pan with handles to match the theme.

Funny how I would have a hard time figuring out what to paint on something like this.....but ask the question and my head is filled with ideas. :)


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Wow! Great suggestions you gals. I want to go look at that link Anj posted in just a minute--thanks for finding that Anj. Any of your ideas would be perfect for it. I'll have to make a decision and get to work on it. Luvs

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