A couple of my painting projects

oddieOctober 26, 2007

Luvs said I should post these picture here, so here goes!

I call the frist photo " Wishing for snow" its a poster frame, made to look like a window has that plastic stuff inplace of glass.

second one I dont know what the wood was used for its thin and about 1 1/2 feet tall, saw the snowman and thought he would be perfect for it

So what do you painters think?


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They are both lovely, very wonderful job done! Would you be complimented or offended if I tried that friends or flakes design on a piece of barn wood I have been waiting for a design for?
Suzan J

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Thank you!I would be complimented! but its not my desine, saw it at a web site, had two cute snowman each with a tall hat, I did change the wording on the hat, to kinda make it different.
Happy crafting

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Yahoo!! Oddie's painting with us!! :) So glad to see you posted these over here! I like how you accented your "window" piece with the bow. Didn't even notice that before. The oval is still my fav. The colors you used just pop and he's just such a cute little fellow. :) We'd love to have you paint more with us anytime! ~Anj

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Yeah, you posted your snowmen here for us. Thank you. They are just adorable, hope you will be painting more things to share with us too. I always love how you add just the perfect touch like that ribbon on the window--sort of gives the "feel" of a curtain on the inside with the snowmen on the outside. Great job! Luvs

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WOW,Those are GREAT!!! That window one is my favorite~~~~~~~~~~~~NO,The oval is~~~~~~~~~~~~~OH wait,they both are,i'm allowed 2 favorites,right????

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Thanks for all the nice compliments!
I spent as much time on the frame as the painting, started out a ugly black,painted it white then used a weathered crackle, then the brown, kinda made it look old, and what window at Christmas isnt decorated some way.
Kathi you made me laugh, and thank you!
Anj and luvs you know I will be back, still have the suitecase to paint!

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ODDIE: these are precious ! such personality !!!! you did a fantastic job.... I think the thing about art is that each and every artist brings the LIFE to the picture.... like you did
That is what gives it that character... It is an extension of you and it is a Dang good one !!!! Thanks for sharing !!!
keep up the fantastic work!

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Thank you! susiesunshine, what a nice thing to say! I see where you get your name!

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I love these!!!
Thank You for sharing them!!!

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I can't call myself a painter, but I think they're just wonderful!!

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Thank you! my dd sold the snowman window yesterday for $20 , not bad for one of my frist painting projects!

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Oddie, I love your snowmen. The welcome friends and flakes guy would fit perfect on one of my fan blades. If you don't mind I may use it. Gail

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Thank you! and yes please use, tried to find where the photo came from i copied, there were two different snowman each with the tall hat and a different saying, but all i have are the photos I saved, could post them if you like ,would be perfect for a fan blade!

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