Can you mix cream furniture with white trim?

meg711July 22, 2008

The new designer came to our house today and we went through shelter magazines so I could show her what I like. She pointed out that many, many of the rooms I liked had cream furniture, with dark brown wood and colorful accessories. (Can't believe I never saw that before.) So now we're thinking of going with cream couches or chairs in our livingroom.

Forgetting for now the issue of kids and a new puppy (yes, I must be insane), we have tan walls and white painted trim. I'm not usually one who likes to mix white and beige, and I'm very picky about colors.

I'm sorry to be posing such a silly question, but will it look funny to have cream furniture if we have white painted trim, including lots of white-trimmed windows, a white ceiling, and a white-painted mantel?

Thanks very much.

Here are photos. Ignore the broken window.

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In my opinion, it would look SPECTACULAR. :)

I love, love, love your LR. Everything about it.

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Beautiful home! Here are some pics for you...I have all soft white trim...we painted two built in's in a cream color...and I love it....and I am generally very picky about colors too. I like the warmth of the cream with the warmth of my wall colors too. Hope this helps!
entertainment center that DH built and I painted...two views so you can see crown and baseboard views:

built in cabinet DH built:

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Pretty photos!!

I think it will be fine. You'll have a very monochromatic space with the white, cream, and tan shades. Just like every room needs a touch of black to "ground" it, the same can be said about white. Very, very pretty indeed.

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Thanks everyone! I would have looked again at all the photos, but the designer took my precious magazines with her to make color copies. I'm sure that all these rooms that I love have white painted trim, and the furniture might be more beige or cream, but it will work. I still can't believe how obvious it was and yet I never realized it. Duh!

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I love your room. I remember telling my girlfriend thirty years ago that I loved cream/white together. That it looked so crisp and clean. It's ageless really...

I also like white and cream bedroom's, it kind of takes on a glamorous look.

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I meant to thank you for your photos. Everything looks beautiful, and I'm quite impressed by your DH's ability. I can't tell from the photos, but are there glass doors on the built-in cabinet, or am I seeing a special treatment on the back walls of the cabinet?

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Meg711, I love cream and white together. I love your room so much. The wall color and the floor color is perfect. What wood species and finish is your floor? It is a perfect color to me.

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Yes, it will work. I have all cream furniture in my LR.........all white trim. My furniture is also sitting on a colorful rug.

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Thanks so much Lynn. I used to know what the floor is. I'm pretty sure it's three-inch quarter sawn white oak. The stain is a custom stain that's mostly natural with a little nutmeg. It's a Swedish finish.

Annz, funny you should mention the rug because that is what we're starting with: a very colorful bold rug which I absolutely love--but had been wondering about what furniture to put on it. The cream or beige definitely answers that question. I'd love to see photos of your room.

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meg....the glass in the doors is called artique glass....that is what you are seeing! I am still debating clear glass or stained glass panels in there. In the right cabinet is where we keep our "tv equipment" (it's in the back corner of our living room). Thanks for the compliment!

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This one made me smile because I'm normally very fussy about mixing white and white-based colors with off-white and off-white based colors. I've come to the conclusion that it matters a lot less in decorating a room than in clothing a person. I've also noticed that it's very, very hard to find really white furniture; trim can be painted a relatively warm white; and as long as you have some off-white-based (tan) paint on the walls, it'll be fine. So go for it.

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I'll try to snap some pics tomorrow.

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Thank you Meg for letting me know. I must just love quarter sawn sold oak floors since it seems to be every floor I really adore is this particular cut of wood. It is a shame my slab floor needs an engineered wood floor so I can't have what I love but maybe one day in the far future if I ever sell my beautiful townhouse and buy a house with a basement.

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