Kitchen, Better Late Than......

willie_nunezJuly 25, 2006

There's only a few things left to do in the kitchen, but I finally installed the last built-in appliance, and now have hot water, and also gas for the range. DW is still looking for the "perfect" stools for the island (3 stools), otherwise it's ready for cooking.

The kitchen is in a 12 x 12 corner of the "living room" of our custom 1,715 sq ft house. Our goal is to have a small house, but with big house features.

BTW a 13" TV goes in the corner cabinet.

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beautiful! Nice work spaces (countertops), materials and layout.

Can you post a picture from the kitchen towards the rest of the living room?

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You and your dw have done an amazing job! Congrats, the kitchen looks beautiful and very spacious. Can't believe its in an area of 12x12. What an incredible use of space. Can we see the rest of the house? I see you installed a pot filler, I have one too and love it. I didn't think I would use it as much as I do.

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What fantastic kitchen! Very good job and looks convienent to work in.

I'm seconding or thirding the request for pix of the rest of the room


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Good gawd, that's huge!! I think my kitchen would fit into the space between the counter and the island!

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I love your kitchen. The soft coloring is very nice and the place looks so huge for being a 12x12. I too want to see the view into the living area.


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Thanks for the compliments.
I want to say that I've done some research on modern-home kitchen design, and I've concluded that most designers treat the kitchen as an after thought. Most of their kitchen designs simply don't make sense, and I suppose it's because they're not cooks. On the other hand, my wife and I set out to design a small house which had the kitchen and the master suite as the primary points of consideration. Our house is unique, in that it's designed around the kitchen and the master suite. The next consideration is the area which we call the living room. This area is actually an extension of the kitchen.
Our kitchen is designed to make it as convenient to cook in it as possible. The work triangle is the best I've ever seen, with everthing just a couple of steps away. And, both the main sink and the island sink have garbage disposals, and there is a 2-bin pull-out trash drawer just left of the island sink. Plus, there's a trash compactor at the far left of the work area. The oven under the sink is a GE Advantium micro/convection, extremely handy. The island top is 4'-4" x 6'-4", and with lots of storage space in its cabinets and drawers. There's 3 reasons why this kitchen appears larger than it is: the 2 kitchen walls are comletely usable, and it only has 2 walls, and the walls are 10 ft high (allowing 42" upper cabinets).
IMO architects should allow the cook to design the kitchen, and then the rest of the house should be designed around it. Even though, we didn't do such a bad job designing the rest of the house :-)

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Lovely kitchen and bath, Willie. Congrats on doing such a wonderful design and bringing it to fruition. And for doing your own thing. Hey, it's your abode, why not! Leaving off the two walls definitely makes the kitchen look larger than it is. And since you like the open concept, it's a perfect design for your needs. I'll be looking forward to seeing the stools your DW decides on. I'd take my cues from the gorgeous pendant light fixture over the island.

I bet you're happy to have that hot water, too. We've been down the building-a-home path a couple of times and getting everything up and running was always one of the most exciting moments. Funny, huh, you spend so much time agonizing over all the appliances and fixtures, but the thing that excites us most is turning on a faucet. LOL!

We are in the midst of a downstairs remodel and are getting close to the gutting stage in the kitchen. Still need to decide on a cabinet maker, but we did get the appliances purchased this last weekend. Now I'm off to find a good deal on a Rohl farmhouse sink. They can vary a bit in size so I need it for the final cab measurements. It's always something, eh? : )

Enjoy your new home and cooking in your lovely kitchen!


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I meant to say the oven under the overhead cabinet is a GE Advantium.....

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Willie...I'm speechless!!!!

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Wow...looks like something straight out of a magazine!!! Major Kitchen envy here!!!

Deb in PA

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