mom2emallFebruary 23, 2009

So I am really excited right now. I was a competitive swimmer most of my childhood and high school years. My kids have expressed an interest in joining a swim team this summer so we recently registered them all for the summer season. We have always had a pool...when we did not have our own we had memberships to a local one. And they all spend most of the summer in the pool and are pretty good. I have worked with them on strokes and they all do well with them.

So the local swim team had a job posting for an asst. coach. It is a payed position. I applied and interviewed a while ago and today found out I got the job!! I will be the asst. coach for the team!! I am so excited. Plus they are giving me back some of our registration money. We only have to pay 50% of the cost and I do not have to do volunteer hours.

It works out perfect because all the kids will be at each practice and meet with me anyways.

Can't wait to tell the kids tonight!

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congrats! good news!

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Well my parade already had some rain!

I had my middle sd call bm tonight to tell her about her upcoming orchestra concert (though I guarantee bm will not show up--she has yet to come to any of the kids school/sport events). So sd was telling her about it and she also mentioned that I am going to be one of their swim team coaches.

Bm of course flipped her lid. Started telling sd that if I was going to show her how to swim why did we even sign her up for a team? She wanted to know how much swim team really costs. And she made some comment about me not being qualified to coach (like she has any idea of my background???)

So SD got off the phone and began asking me these quesions that her mom asked her!! When I asked her what was with the 20 questions she admitted they were her moms questions.

My dh told me ignore it...it is just jealousy rearing its ugly head.

The lady does not show up to any of her kids events but then gets mad that we are a part of these activities! Like she would have come to one meet anyways...

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DO NOT LET THAT WENCH RAIN ON YOUR PARADE! That is an awesome opportunity and it will be great for your family. Don't let her jealousy blow it for you.

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Yes, great opportunity!! Congrats and good on ya,


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I second JNM: Don't let her jealousy ruin your fun!

This is terrific for you, and I think you and the kids will enjoy it.

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