Wooden Winter Penguin

jstmrdn2002October 2, 2009

Hi Again Everyone!

I'm posting my very first try at a hand painted wooden piece! I saw a penguin like this online and I wanted to give it a try. I drew the pieces out on bristle board and my husband cut them out of pine for me. We've never done anything like this before so it was really fun for both of us! This one was just "for practice"...there are some things that I will fix for the next one (for one...my DH glued his nose on in the wrong spot...LOL!) Oh well...I'll keep this one for myself and will make another to sell without those mistakes! Hopefully someone will want to buy it! I was thinking of asking $40.00 (it's roughly 30" high and 12.5" wide)...would this be too much? Comments are appreciated!!



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Hi Dawn,

He is adorable and the nose looks just right! And being of an age...well never mind the age....I am not a big fan of penguins but I would use him in my decorations!

I think you are in the ball park with your price, but remember, you should never round off the price...people will pay $39.95 faster than they will $40.00. Don't ask me why but that is a fact! That's why you never see anything priced in any store for a price with no cents in it, and it has nothing to do with the taxes. And if you don't want the hassle of making change, just drop the price down to $39.00 when someone goes to buy it...they will love you and you didn't really lose anything. Plus they will spread the word that you are really nice and that you have then a break on the price. Craft stores and Mom and Pop store often use whole prices, it is easier - especially when things are hand made and hand priced.

And if you are planning to do a lots of selling, think about getting a business license. Doesn't cost much but it really saves your behind, and when/if you file taxes you can deduct all of your taxes for materials used...etc. as business expenses.

Just finished writing 3 chapters here....just ask anyone about my writing chapters, they will tell you most of my posts get rather long!!!!!! But I do hope that some of the other gals will pipe in and give you more and better info.


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Dawn~ I'm really impressed! For a first timer you are doing an excellent job! Love your penguin!! Again...no idea on the pricing, but he is too cute. Wouldn't have known his nose was in the wrong place if you hadn't said something. I'm not good at doing multiples. Is that what your plan is if you are going to be selling them? Maybe some of the other girls here can give you some advice on that too. I know on some pieces you can cut out more than one at a time by stacking them. Keep going! You and DH are doing great! ~Anj

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He is very cute! I agree, both you and DH are doing a really good job!

We really need Painting Fool aka Bebe to hop on here to help you with some pricing ideas I think. She belongs to the Society of Decorative Painters and is starting her own Etsy store now. Belle is so right about "you can never get enough to actually pay for your time!"

We have a post on here for lots of sites that offer free patterns. As soon as I get time, I will look for it and bump it back to the top for you to browse through. You might find some patterns you like there.

I'm so glad you are enjoying painting and coming here to show us what you're working on. We will be glad to assist in anyway we can. ;o)


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J, Luvs gives me too much credit, (lol), she is such a sweet soul. I really think the hardest thing to do is price an item. Again, I think it has to do with where you plan to sell him. Please do not take offense. For me I think he is priced too high. Where I live no one would pay $40 for a penquin - but you see I live in the south, a place where crafts do not sell well. We have a saying in the painting field -"the untrained eye cannot appreciate the work involved in a painting". We, the ladies on this forum, understand the time and energy put into what we do. But the ones who buy from us do not, they think it is a "painted piece of wood" and probably compare it to what they have seen in the stores from China.

If you are planning to do a craft show, I would price him at $39.95 or $40.00 but I would have other items that are less expensive available. And, again, check out what others are doing. After a while you will get the feel of what will be an appropriate price.

I think you are doing great with your painting. There are so many "how to" books, "YouTube" tutorials, etc., out there that you really do not need to take classes. I have seen a lot of decorative painters who have taken dozens of classes and don't paint much better today than they did years ago. So keep doing what you are doing because it is working for you.


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Bebe, I only tell it like I see it! ;o)

I had bookmarked this site. I'm a big Renee Mullins/Plum Purdy fan and this lady seems to use allot of her patterns. What really surprised me was the price of the items. Like Bebe, I find that people just don't want to pay very much for the kinds of items most of us paint, but this lady seems to be doing well with her's. Thought you all might like to look.


Here is a link that might be useful: country-wood blog

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So nice to have you hear posting. I love Penguins and you've done a wonderful job on it. My husband does all my cutting but he doesn't go any further so it's been my fault when a part is glued on wrong. haha

When I use to sell my painted projects I would ask my friends what they were willing to pay and go from there. I always started low and built my clientele up and then increased my prices when I couldn't keep ahead of sales on a project. I remember some were hotter items than others. I had alot of customers who raised race horses and when I would go to that area I knew I would sell out on those items. The biggest seller was a horse holding a slice of watermelon with a sign above that said "Welcome To Our Spread." I still have one hanging in our garage that I made for practice. I no longer sell anything I paint and I'm lovin' it.

I hope you will continue to come and visit and share all of your projects. Punk

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Thanks everyone for all the great comments and advise!! I will certainly be using it!

Bebe...no offense taken what-so-ever! :) Like I was saying, I'm brand new to all this! I guess it really does depend on where you live when it comes to how well things sell. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and penguins, Santas and snowmen are pretty popular here. I'm just finishing a snowman calandar now actually. I'm hoping to take in a local Christmas craft fair this year. You see I've been laid off of work and I need to make a little extra money...especially with Christmas coming! :) I'm just looking to get into maybe 1 fair this year but my plan is to then work on projects all year next year and hopefully be able to take in a bigger fair! We have some really big ones here...and homemade crafts are very popular in this whole area. :) So I'm focusing on Christmas/winter type things at the moment but will eventually get into making other holidays and seasons as well. I have lots of ideas...it's just getting them all done! Ha! Ha!


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J, there is another thing you could do especially this time of the year. ETSY is an internet shopping mall for crafters. You could list some of your items there. It costs nothing to join but twenty cents for each listed item and then at the end of the month there is a charge of 3.5% of total sales. I have only eight items listed right now but plan to list more this week. It is just another avenue for selling your items. I also have put some of my things in a local gift shop. She gets a percentage of the sales but I don't have to work the shop, only paint and bring it to her. I also have a booth in an antique shop. The antique shop is "OOODLES" of everything so I have a few vintage items and a lot of my painted items. We don't have a place in town for crafters and painters. I am going to try the antique shop for a while only because I promised my friend I would go in with her. Again, I don't have to work it, just set up the shop and hope it sells. I have been fortunate enough to retire last year so even though I don't have to work, I paint all the time. With so many items painted I have no where to put them so I have to either give them away or sell them - I prefer selling. I think you are on the right track and I wish you lots of luck. Oh, start a blog and put your items on it for sale - it is free and a great way to advertise.

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B...Thank you once again!!! LOL!! Gosh am I ever glad I came across this site...all of you have been so helpful! :) I will certainly look into ETSY (sounds so much better than ebay seeing as it's specifically for crafters) as well as doing a blog. So...looks like I have a lot of work to do! :)


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Dawn.....hopefully you will take a break every once in a while and sit down with a hot cup of tea or coffee....chocolate is nice too....and come back to visit with us!

One of the nicest parts of gathering here is that we are all so different and yet enjoy the same form of expressing our inner beauty. I may not "like" modern art but I still can enjoy the colors and moods that it creates.....so it goes for our decorative art.

Please come back often and share with us!


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