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linuxfox00July 26, 2012

so i just bought a house and know i'm thinking about having a wall that moves. i'm wondering how abouts i could do this? I've looked over some floor mount pivot hinges and i don't know how wide i can build on them. I'm thinking i would have to put casters on the ends of the doors and want them to be sturdy and not flimsy feeling then u touch them.

the idea is to have the room expand for entertainment and dining purposes i'm also considering counseling a Murphy bed behind the wall when the room is open. the total wall space is 11feet wide. im more intrested in doing it this way. I've looked and two 6 foot, 4 door bi folding system would work but would like to use this room as a bedroom as well and dont like the looks and feel of bi fold.

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No idea how you can accomplish this but I do think it is a great idea. Maybe you can look into how the conference rooms do it at places that hold conventions. I know I have seen large sliding doors to re-configure rooms as needed. I never paid attention how it was done.

Sheets of foam insulation come to mind for doors to keep weight down and they are firm feeling. Would have to be framed some how as I am sure you can not build hinges and what not on them. Maybe covered with thin wood.

This might be some thing that would have to be custom fabricated.

Really like the idea of the Murphy bed tucked behind the door.

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I'm with Shades. I think this needs to be a custom build. And you're going to need to determine how much privacy you want and how easily you want the walls (I'm going to call them panels) to move. Will they typically be open or closed? If closed, will someone need daily access to the Murphy bed room? If so, then at least one of the panels needs to be easy to move. If a sleeping room, then they need to provide the insulation and quiet that a typical interior wall would provide.

I'm envisioning something framed like a wall, but with options for covering depending on your needs. It could be drywall, it could be lauan, it could be some of the modern sculpted panels that are out there. I'm also thinking there needs to be a wheel of some kind supporting the free end.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

This may be a long shot, but how much construction are you willing to do? And can you allocate any space in one of the smaller rooms for a barn/pocket-type door similar to this? Think of one wider door disappearing into a slot in the left wall.

It looks as if the door would need to be a bit wider than the smaller room's width, to meet the structure on the right, but it could be made to protrude the same distance into the large room, framing the back area (section with Murphy bed). You could leave the valance board covering the sliders, or build out a wall in the small room, creating a pocket.

Furniture could be arranged so that nothing has to be moved to accommodate the sliding door. Is this crazy?!

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I found this one, too, which is more of the size that I was imagining:

You can google 'sliding barn door' or 'barn door room divider' for more images.

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maybe you could do 2 '2 part' doors (on hinges like the doors in a corner cabinet to a lazy susan). Each door would then fold onto itself on either side of the room.

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I was really against the slider because it was going to take up space need for expanding the room but i had come up with a really clever idea to completely hide the that its there.
the wall slides into the kitchen and the door opening is going to be a built in pocket door in the movable wall. the you slide the door into the kitchen the pocket door is going to line up with the door to the other bedroom.

drawing is exposed to show you an example.

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Would a folding wall work, like a lot of churches and businesses have?

It's kind of like the folding glass doors that are becoming really popular.

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Oops, I didn't notice the picture wasn't there.

I found another, that looks better even. I hope this picture takes you to the website. There is a lot more information there.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

My bad...I assumed that the entry to the small back room was from the larger room that you wanted to keep open. At least we were thinking along the same lines.

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no i think im gonna go with the wall that slides into the kitchen it seems like it will be the cheapest for me to build i can get the hardware from tractor supply for about 300 for everything. im on a budget and don't need anything fancy i might not even get around to building it for a while.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

linuxfox, I found a link to pics of sliding barn doors on the houzz site. This may give you some more ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: 67, 861 sliding barn doors

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