Here's A Couple of Weekend Projects I Finished

phonegirlOctober 18, 2009

I can see where I need to go back and reshade some on the record but it didn't turn out like I was hoping. I forgot one of the bottom leaves so still need to touch up there also.

I tried a little different rose for the light pink. Don't know if you can see it well enough to tell it's different. I will try more of these when I paint roses again. It was from a paint guide that Luvs or PF posted here. The roses are Priscilla's pattern.

The stars with the pumpkins are from Kay Quist's book, Heart's Delights. There is several halloween projects I wanted to make but forgot about them. If not this year maybe next year.haha


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pezabelle are out doing yourself! The Pumpkin Stars are a hit with me as are the roses. They looks just right! You are seeing things girl!

I gotta learn how you did the leaves!


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Thanks Belle,

Look at the bottom leaf on the left above the 3 small leaves,that isn't done. From there I add gold, blue, pink, greens just lightly and blend. Sometimes I start with a dry brush and hit it with a slightly damp brush.I then go back and use some black cherry or black green at the base. Hit the outter leaves with the lightest green and darker green with thinned paint to add a nice edge using a liner and damp brush. Since all of you rave about my leaves I just keep going until I'm satisfied. Wish the roses would come that easy.

I think you and Luvs need to jump in and play with your leaves and they will be superior to mine in no time. Use your mop brush or a smaller brush to blend like you did on the pumpkins. I don't take the time I should with my projects and don't always care. How sad is that?

If none of this makes sense, I'm a hands on person, so come see me and we'll teach each other some new painting techniques.haha When we talk like this it makes one realize why PF takes so many classes from so many different instructors. I would love to be able to go to classes several times a year. Wouldn't it be neat if some year we could all join Bebe at one of the seminars? Now I'm dreaming fo sure.


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Those are darling little pumpkin stars! When I first saw their hats, I thought mexican sombrero then realized they are straw hats! Must be the area I live in, huh? LOL I love that you use colors I would never have thought to use also. ;o)

Your red rose came out just great. Much better than the ones I painted. I had a hard time doing the one stroke technique with them--I tried doing a triple load of black, red, and white and the white turned pink! I ended up doing just a deep burgandy with the red, then went back and highlighted a few places. How did you do your's?

You are just whipping these projects out left and right again. I dug my three little items out today so will get to work on them soon. Glad you are keeping us going with projects now.


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Love your pumpkin's. I too like the color choice, so unexpected.

Funny, I didn't understand what you meant when you said something about reshading the record. Thought it was a term I was not familiar with. Must have looked at your beautiful roses 3 times, really like them and the leaves, so I kept going back to study them...when finally...Duh!!! it is on a record. I thought it was a black dish.

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I love the pumpkins, and the roses.Your leaves are great, to me painting leaves is the hardest part of painting flowers.You did a great job. Be proud of yourself!!!

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Hey ladies, thanks for all your comments.

Luvs, I think the hats on the pumpkins look like sombreros also and that's not where I live. I live on an Indian Reservation. One of the richest in the My stars are not the exact colors but close to what the book showed.

I shaded and high lighted to paint these roses. I only used 2 colors for each rose.

Joan, I can just imagine what you was thinking by not realizing the roses were painted on a record and thinking the record was a dish. You got it on your own and didn't have to ask so you ROCK. I would of said something but I painted some pink roses awhile back on a record and never thought about some of you not posting here at the time. Sorry about that.

Shirley, thanks for your comments. I really love painting and I'm hoping someday I'll retire and be able to paint more.

Thanks Again, Joan and Shirley for joining in here. Luvs is so great at keeping this forum going when the rest of us are slacking.haha The rest of us will try to do more here upon retirement. How'd you like that Luvs??? We love you!


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I love what you said Punk--and I'm sure not holding up my end of keeping things going this month! I hope to do better soon. ;o) What's really great is that if one of us is not getting any projects done, someone else usually is so it keeps us moving right along. ;o)


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Luvs and all,

It's great to have more here sharing the fun for sure. I will try to get going on more projects but will have company next weekend so need to have the craft room cleaned for them.


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You've been posting lots of goodies for us--don't feel like you have to push yourself to do more when you are so busy. Just relax and enjoy your company. I'll try to get busy tomorrow (little GD here today) and take up some of the slack! And Anj has some projects almost ready to post too. Life is good! ;o)


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Thanks so much. Hope you enjoy GD. Be sure and let us know what you to do. Punk

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