I Just Love Halloween!

pezabelleOctober 23, 2008

Here are the lastest goodies for my Halloween decorations, the top right and bottom left are from last year but the others are all new as is the ghosts on or in front of the trunk.

Hope you enjoy then as much as I enjoy painting them.

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How cute those all look in that window frame! Really like your wiggly looking spooky and eek signs! Cute little ghosts and Franky too. Luvs

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Wow, lots of goodies for us to look at this morning. Everything looks so crisp. A few of those look like Sandy Holman ghosties. Everything is very cute and I like how you have them displayed. I love your old trunk and that big glass jar. Are you saving your pennies in it? ha It's cool. We have a smaller green jug for that. ha It was my g-pas.

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Thank you both for the kind words!

The window frame was a gift from my DH. He cleaned and refinished it for me to do whatever I wanted to do with it. Haven't figured that out yet, but I will.

The trunk is an old family trunk and really took a hit this past year but I still love it! It holds me side of the family heirlooms.

Anj......you really have an eye! The jar holds our pennies which in a year adds up to about $350.00 on average. This is part of my "Grandma's Mad Christmas Money" The rest of the change is in another jar.

Hope you will overlook the fact that we still don't have the molding up yet, but one of these days...........


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Claudia...I just love old things. I have 3 old trunks myself. One was my great grandmothers, one supposedly came over on the mayflower (don't know that I believe that) and one DH and I dug up out of the ground at my grandparents old house. We thought we'd struck gold since there is an old family legend about buried treasure on their old place. It was empty, but we still love the trunk.

I probably didn't notice the missing molding because that's what I'm used to. We don't have any in our bathroom or kitchen yet. ha Just re-did the bathroom and haven't gotten the trim in and then trying to decide what kind of flooring to put in our kitchen so haven't put the molding in there yet. The joys of owning a home. ha

Love the window too. I have a few from my DH and brother, but they are so heavy I'm afraid to hang them up. I have one leaned on the trunks in my living room and the others are stored. They are really odd shaped cool ones too. One day. ha


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I posted the other day but it looks like my post disappeared, so I'll tell you again. I love your projects as always you've done a great job.

Your old trunk looks good with the decorations on and around it. Looks like a wooden flag laying on it. Is this another one of your projects you'd like to share with us? Also what's hanging on your wreath? I love looking at others projects so thanks in advance.

I have an old window out at my parents place that I need to go get along with a door with the crystal knob. Just haven't decided what to do with them.

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These are some of my "patriotic" theme, living room decorations. The flag is made in pieces and copper wire holds it together. There is spaces between each piece - when hung. The patriotic theme works well with the "old" family things I want to enjoy in my home.

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Thank you so much for sharing your patriotic decorations so soon. They are cool. I really like the flag now that I can see it. I have a pattern very close to the bell so I'll have to keep that in mind and paint one up after these holiday projects are finished. I like the USA and the others also. This forum is so fun thanks to all of you who post and keep it active.

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