Test: I want my mummy

missy11October 3, 2008

Trying to learn how to post a picture in my message

hope this works


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Missy, it worked! Your little mummy is so cute. I'm sure he is going to attract lots of favorable comments here and from all who see him in your yard.

I think I have a pattern similar to your's, I'll have to check my books again. I've never gotten around to making it yet--so many patterns, so little time! LOL

Hope you will have lots more to share with us.

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Aaaw Missy...how cute! Glad you got it to post. Your lettering is great too. A very fun Halloween decoration. I hope you sealed it good so it will last a long time! Thanks for sharing it here with us! ~Anj

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Great project. I Love It! I may paint a mummy for my house.

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Thank to all... I have forgotten how much I enjoy painting..... very relaxing... I can't wait to get started on Christmas stuff... oh wait.. what about Thanksgiving? Need to find something to paint for that too... lol...

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How Cute! Living here in the sticks - it is so nice to see what other people are doing! Such a fun project! I have noticed that almost no one is happy with their lettering - I'm not & yours are great! And who really looks at the actual letters? They are looking at the words and the art work.

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