Need fireplace surround & mantle help

30somethingJuly 17, 2014

Hi! My living/dining area needs help, and while I welcome decor suggestions of any nature, I'm most concerned right now with figuring what to change my fireplace surround and mantle to, as well as a color or finish for a new entertainment center.

Colors don't translate well in my pictures, so this is what I currently have...

Not changing right now: Lenox Tan wall color, Beige carpet, Dark brown furniture, rocking chair

DEFINITELY want to change: fireplace surround, mantle, and decor, tv stand (and what to put above it), dining set, art and plants/shelves on dining wall, front door window covering, end tables

I'd also be willing to change my dropcloth curtains (although they don't bother me), and pretty much any decor or accessories.

I don't have a "style" (which is why I'm here), but I tend to like "natural" things, and the colors blue and green. We like casual, and even "country-ish" or rustic stuff. We have a small house with young kids, and I just want help making it comfortable. If you made it this far, thanks! Oh, and please ignore the sloppy photoshopping of clutter above the tv stand!

ETA: Please scroll down to see a couple of things I found on craigslist to see if you think they would work. :)

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Another view

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What a great space. I love the rocking chair and the upholstery!
As for the fireplace and ET center, have you thought of building in some cabinets on either side of the new surround?

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Annie Deighnaugh

I know you said that you aren't changing the carpet, but might you consider it? Only because, I'm assuming that is a gas fireplace, there is no need for a large tile area in front. You can go for a narrow hearth or no hearth. If you wanted to do that, unless you have a large scrap or can match it, you're stuck with the large hearth.

I like the idea of doing built-ins. As they would be asymmetrical anyway due to window placement, you may just want to build in on the right to accommodate TV and components and leave the left side as is.

Not that I'm suggesting this style, but just to illustrate a tv next to fireplace built in, one side only. Something like this might work for you, but without the overmantel. Note that this tile surround is very similar to your hearth tile. If you like that look, you could get more tile, perhaps and then tie it together that way.

Eclectic Living Room by Shallotte Fireplaces COASTROAD Hearth & Patio

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Thanks for the suggestions! I had not considered bulit-ins, not because I don't like them, but mainly because I was hoping for something my husband and I could do ourselves. I actually do like the look of this, but I don't know if it would look right in our living room? If so, I could check around for prices.

Is white the right color for a mantle and surround for my room (to match the trim)? Or should I go for something else, like a darker wood? (Real wood fireplace, btw, so I guess I need a hearth.)

I ran across this old dresser on a garage sale site. Do you think it would work for a tv stand? It will be basically as wide as the space from the side of the fireplace to the window, and it's 32" tall. (Maybe too wide for my tv?) If so, what color shoud it be painted?

Thanks! :)

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Annie, great inspiration picture.

30Something, there's a possibility you could use your existing ET center, modified and painted to match your trim as the built in on the side.
In looking closer to your photos, I see it would probably be better to do it just one sided. If you take a straight on picture I could do a virtual or two to show you what I mean. I won't be able to get to them until Sunday evening at the earliest as hubby is home this weekend. Just popping in now before I head to bed.
I personally don't think the piece you found online works with the rest of your room. Sorry. I do like that idea though.

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