Goodie Jar with Snowman

phonegirlOctober 4, 2009

Good Morning,

I couldn't sleep so got up and painted this snowman jar for DMI. I need to go back and do a little touch up but here it is. Her birthday is next Sun. and I have a hard time buying for her. Hope you enjoy a little project this morning.

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Awww...I love it...great job!! Snowmen are my favorite!! :)

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What a sweet little face on your snowman! Sorry you couldn't sleep, but your MIL is going to be glad since it gave you time to create this for her. ;o) Luvs

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Thanks both of you for the sweet comments. It was a fun project and I will probably buy more of these jars to paint. They are pretty resonable at Ross or TJ Max if anyone else is interested. They do have the rubber seal on the inside top.


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You sure have pretty sleepless nights. Would never have thought of doing something like this.....the vine work is so good and the wreath heart on your snowman...super....ditto to everything else.

You have been a busy lady! So get some sleep!


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Thanks and did anyone ever tell you, you have a wonderful way with words....I had a tooth pulled today so will be getting some sleep tonight with all the Advil I took. I don't think I needed it but I was instructed to take it anyway so did what I was told for once.haha


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Punk...don't know how I missed this project, but I did! ha I have a lot of sleepless nights too, but I'm too bleary eyed to paint anything. ha Looks like you had a pretty steady hand and good eye for this one. Love the vines around the top. Like the purple with the black background. You've probably given this to MIL by now. How did she like it?

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Thanks, I haven't given this to her yet. Sunday the 11th is her BDay so I'll let you know how it goes. Her dining room is painted and walpapered in lilac so I tend to paint purples for her


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