The Grinch Lightbulb Ornament

jstmrdn2002October 2, 2009

Hello Everyone!

I'm brand new to this site and also brand new to decorative painting. I've never taken any lessons and just "wing it". Here is my first attempt at decorative painting...The Grinch! He's painted on a used lightbulb (sorry for the bad pic). I would love some feedback...any helpful tips/hints/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! much should I charge?...I would like to sell some.

Thanks in advance!


Image link:

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Hello and welcome Jstmrdn. Glad you found this forum, and I hope you will enjoy chatting and sharing with us.

I've seen a few of those grinch ornaments, and I have to say your's is one of the best I've seen! I'm sure everyone who knows that story will want one.

I'll leave it to some of the others to discuss pricing with you since I rarely sell anything I make.

Hope you will keep coming back to paint and chat with us.


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jst.... You're good! When the picture popped up I chuckled and in a good way...he is really cute and well done. The line work is really great! Did you use window stain?

I posted a greetings somewhere else on this forum but again Welcome and hope you come back often!

As to the price....haven't got a clue. I haven't really sold for a couple of years. You might check out different online sites, I seem to remember seeing a site that sold them and there were lots of different kinds. Seem to remember that someone here posted the site so you might go back and check the titles in the Gallery and Discussions.

Again, Welcome!


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Thanks Ladies!! Such nice comments...I really wasn't expecting thank you again!!!

Belle...I just replied to you in the other post! LOL! For painting my grinch I just used acrylic craft paint and then a high gloss varnish. The black outline was actually done with a fine point Sharpie permanent marker! Works great!! :)


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Hi Dawn and welcome to the forum! I really like your Grinch bulb ornie! I don't sell either so no idea on a price, but glad you shared with us! ~Anj

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Hi Dawn, again glad to have you with us.....this is a very GOOD group.

Like you, I have not had lessons, just lots of trial and errors. I do paint from patterns most of the time, no imagination here! Most books do have info sheets to help with your stroke work. My best advice is to I hate that word, so I try to practice on pieces I want to make with a little paper work thrown in.

I have found several online sites that have video info and tips. YouTube also has a lot of posts. So if you find an artist you like, try googling her/him and see if they post tips. And if you are having problems with a stroke or other technique problem, this forum is a great place to get some answers.

Post often and have fun painting.


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Thanks Anj!

Belle...yeah I've been looking online for pics of things I like and will try to paint them. That's where I found the Grinch...I saw a pic of him painted on a lightbulb and thought I'd give it a try. I was thinking of charging about $8.00 for it too much? Please be honest!

I just finished a penguin painting...I'll post a pic of it...stay tuned!


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WoW! Pricing is really hard, if you go to high it won't sell but if you don't price is to cover your costs then you are loosing yet again.

Things to think about when pricing...would you buy it for that price? When selling them, are you in an area where the price is right? Our local Fire Hall (all volunteer and in a very rural area)has a Bazaar ever other year and I paint things for them to sell, and know that the price is lower than if I was at a bigger Bazaar somewhere in town.

What did it cost you to make the item, not including your time (believe me you never get paid for you time!) Is $8.00 to little or to much? I really don't know. I haven't been to bazaars or craft sales in a couple of years. I do sell quite a few things during the year and lots of ornaments at Christmas, but as they are always to friends I don't charge very's more for the fun of it and a little extra cash for presents.

Sorry I haven't been very much help! Did you find a site that sell painted light bulbs? You're is very good!


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Welcome J, I think the $8 is a good price. The problem with pricing has a lot to do with the area you are in. I live in an area where crafts do not sell well. Of course, everyone wants what you do but most are unwilling to pay what you are asking if you put the price they are actually worth. So we usually have to price a little lower in order for it to sell. The ornaments I painted last year sold well but I had nothing over $10. And these are all handpainted. The average being around $7.00. So, check out the area you are planning to sell your items, see what everyone else is charging and then see what they are selling. Someone may have a high price on something but if it doesn't sell - you sure don't want to price yours the same and risk taking it back home.

I don't think I will ever be a good business woman because I love to paint and I love to sell what I paint. If I break even or make a little more then I am usually happy. It keeps me painting.

You did a great job on your painting - one word of warning when anyone is using a permanent pen. Let the pen dry thoroughly before you varnish!! When you think it is dry, wait a little longer or you run the risk of having the ink smear your painted surface when you brush on the varnish. If you are using spray varnish you shouldn't have a problem. I will often use a permanent pen for very small areas, then I take my blow dryer and blow it for a minute or two. Then when I brush the varnish, it won't mess up the ink.

OK, those are my thoughts for now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brushed by an Angel

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Thanks once again everyone!!

As for varnishing...I usually wait 2 days before varnishing anything just to make sure everything is nice and dry! I used a brush on varnish but I think once that is used up I will try the spray on varnish and see how I like that.


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