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ebseMay 4, 2009

First, thanks for your postings about your granite. We also loved jet mist and have found a bunch of good slabs. Our issue right now is with fabrication.

We got 2 quotes through our GC, which seemed astronomical to me, so we've gotten 2 other independent quotes, one of which I believe is BFR & associates.

I was wondering if you could recommend them? I think if you click on my name you can send me a private email.

Thanks so much for your time.

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Hi ebse,

I love Jet Mist too.
I tried to e-mail you but it did not go through.
I am happy to post that BFR and Associates were
Wonderful to us.

They just finished installing this weekend. We
wanted a weekend install because my husband wanted
to be available.

A man named Jim did the install. He was fantastic.
He is a bit of a perfectionist, measured everything
with extreme detail. My DH wanted someone just like
himself. So they got along great. Jim has
been doing this a long time so knows what looks good.
And how the granite will work with the cutting, or support
or placement. He gave us a great idea how to do the
shape of our island/penisula. And I think it looks
100% better than my original plan.

I promise to post some pictures when I get a chance.
My seams look Seamless. You can barely see where they
are. I wanted this since Jet Mist has some movement
it was important that they match some of the movement.
This can be hard to do without having to purchase another
slab of granite.

We also worked with Jesse R. I never met Jesse but he
has been instramental in helping me. He went out of his
way to find slabs at a price that was in my budget.

I would highly recommend this company.

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Thanks very much! I appreciate your input.

I'm looking forward to seeing pictures, too!

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Yes please pictures! I am thinking of going with Thomasville pearl for most of the kitchen and heirloom black on the island, with everything topped with Jet Mist (do you think that will look good?). I am very close to Westborough ma, so just may have to use all your recommendations!

Also, did you opt for a granite backsplash or no?

thank you!

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Hi Thrilledtoremodel,

Please, use all my ideas I am flattered.
Please know my kitchen is far from being done.
We are at a standstill because my husband
wants the floors to be done
before he finishes the lower moudling.
And motivation is so hard with good weather outside.
Mountain biking, soccer, golf, lacrosse,
hiking, gardening....

We need to finish this kitchen. We are distracted.
Meanwhile here are some pics, hope they help.
Best of luck,

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WOW! WOW! WOW! That't all I can say, you must be thrilled.

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