shades-come on in and give me a slap - anyone else want to?

desertstephJuly 4, 2012

I went to W earlier today and forgot the tension rods! how could I do that? other than I didn't put 'em on my list. "Why not?" I ask myself. Myself has no answer!

and then (several times this past wk) I've been online looking at things and needed to check measurements on something. So, I tell myself 'next trip over there I'll measure that'. duh - self you're THERE! 'There' is now HERE!

no wonder the pup chases her tail - she takes after me!

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Steph, you and I need a memory pill to take along with all our other pills (if you take as many as I do). We are only 7 miles from town but I still would rather combine trips so I only have to go in once. It never fails that I have been really wanting one thing the next time I go to town, and sure enough, every time I go, I forget to take the part with me.

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Aw Steph I am not going to slap you. We will not even talk about my trip to Wally world yesterday. AAARRRGGGHHHH. We only go every couple of weeks or so . Starting another list for the next trip. Been meaning to look at some thing in the electronics dept and forget every time for the last couple of months.

Pass the memory pills Marti. I can use a handful of those.

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but it might have stirred up some activity between my ears!

OTOH, I'm pretty sore this a.m. anyway. Not from over thinking I'm sure. I think when I'm sleeping my body gets up and exercises for hours.

I'm often making up the list for my next trip to W while still putting things in the cart at the time. Things they are out of...things waaaay on the other side of the store that I'm just too tired to walk waaay over there to get. I usually end up at W about twice a wk. I remember one wk I split my trips between the grocery 'side' of the store and the other side where hdwr, dog food, garden stuff lives. I just couldn't face walking the distance in one trip. My W is probably less than half a mile and I only have to go down a stretch of a back road to get there.

marti - I hate taking pills. I do take a lot of them still. It's about half of what I was taking in the first decade of 2000. I used to think I'd throw up if I had to take 1 more pill... The doc changed my potassium to liquid - that helped. A few pills were way outa my range to pay for once insurance ended so I ditched those...I still think I take too many but I split 'em up during the day.

Still, if they had a pill to help memory I'd gladly add it in! It is just so frustrating to get home and then remember what I forgot.

I'll need to go back for dog food before next wk rolls around so we'll see if I remember them on that trip.

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ok then - you don't get a second chance on the slap!

I remembered to get a tension rod when I went to HD earlier ! already got it up with a sheer panel on it. it goes with the valance i put up (crooked) a wk or so ago.

I also found 1 clean curtain panel like those in my old bdrm and will put it up at my other bdrm window here - maybe tomorrow. too tired now. It'll look weird for now - but who's looking? lol! It will help block some of the morning sun coming in. I've been waking up from 5.30 - 7.30 every morning and my body isn't used to that. Especially when I didn't get to sleep til around 3 a.m.

I'll pick up a few more tension rods on my next trip out - I just wanted to be sure it would work for what I needed. It does.

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So glad it worked Steph. Funny I just washed up the white curtains I used to have up in that picture. I use them in the winter on the half light doors to keep the cold out. They are still on the line but it is 104 out there right now and I will wait until it cools down to go get them. Did I ever say how much I HATE the heat?? Looking forward to the snow and having to use those curtains again.

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