Cute log home kitchen

lavender_lassJuly 20, 2013

I saw this and showed a friend (Deedles) on the kitchen forum. This reminds me of her kitchen layout. I really like the light and view from the range. It's making me rethink the peninsula vs. island :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to cute log home kitchen

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I love that first photo, showing the great cabinets. But the others show a kitchen with too much clutter for me. BUT, that's me. If you have a family and need to cook for a crew,ect. there's bound to be a necessity for stuff within reach.

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I think she had me with the herbal tea :)

It's nice to see a log cabin kitchen with lighter finishes. I also liked the fabric on the lower cabinets. Easy to get to things (swing out rods) but not so much wood. I like a little more color and fabric than you see in most modern kitchens. A little marble would be so nice in a baking area...but these huge white and marble kitchens seem unrealistic to me (at least for me) and I don't like the really dark all wood kitchens either.

I really like your kitchen,'s light and inviting, but also whimsical and charming. A great combination and I wish we had more of those kitchens in magazines. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong magazines?? LOL

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What a charming and very functional kitchen! Thanks, Lavender. I really like the way the refrigerator wall comes together back in the corner as a very functional decorative unit that makes the elephant just blend away. But then the work counters--wide open, no uppers, ready to go to work, with lots of windows. Really, most of what I want in a kitchen is in those open counters, although I'll always have cookbooks on display somewhere too.

I'm with you about bringing in fabric. If there's a breeze on a nice day, the windows should be open and something fluttering prettily somewhere.

Schoolhouse, I'm guessing it might take you 5 minutes tops to adjust it to your personal level of clutter comfort. A bit more if that required painting the hardware white or changing out the fabric for beige ticking. Can't guess your feelings about vacuuming and occasionally scrubbing the logs. :)

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Applying changes in home including kitchen bring you to state of comfy and satisfaction. So, keep changes on...........

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