Purple Elf?

phonegirlOctober 7, 2008

My MIL loves purple so I'm painting her some purple things for Christmas. Let me know what you think of this elf. I plan on painting her a purple santa and will post when I finish it. Thanks.

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He's a cute little elf, I'm sure your MIL will just love him. Luvs

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Your MIL is gonna love that! I think the purple and red look really good together. Very cute details and great job on the face. He looks so comfortable laying there on the couch. ha Can't wait to see the Santa. =) ~Anj

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I think it is darling, but then you know I love purple. And purple and red do well together - they are next to each other on the color wheel. Great job.

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Very nice!! What a cute face!! Jan

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Great Elf and the eyes are beautiful! And I like the colors! Whoever said Christmas had to be red and green?

Where ever did you find the idea? I have been painting ornaments for my GS and several friend children for over 16 and have never found anything as nice as yours.

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Pezabelle, I painted this from a book by Carol Mays called Holiday Helpers. The red and pruple elf is on the front cover. There is two pattern sizes for the elf in her book. She also has some pretty cute snowmen.

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Phonegirl, thank you for the heads-up on the the elf...I will check around and see if I can find the book or more items from the artist.


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