After 16 yrs. I am finally going to . . .

angelcubJuly 4, 2006

take a bath! LOL! Yes, we have been bath tub-less since we built our home. Funds ran low and we cut costs in a few places, one being the clawfoot tub for our mstr. bath. We are now in the midst of some major remodeling so the tub went on the to-buy list. We plan to remodel the kitchen but I told DH I didn't want one bit of it gutted until we had the bathtub in the bathroom. It arrived last week. : )

It's not plumbed yet - hopefully this weekend. I put the faucet on it temporarily just so I could see what it will look like. And I've sat in it - yep, clothes and all, just because I could. lol! I'm looking forward to a long soak after a hard working day in the garden.

So, any recommendations for bath bubbles? : )


Here is a link that might be useful: clawfoot tub

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we're the direct opposite. when we downsized into half the house, giving us about a thousand sq. ft, we lost our shower and had to use a combination shower/tub. Neither DH or I care to take a tub bath and the sides were high for climbing out. We both have balance problems.

We now have a five foot shower with showerheads at both ends.WE love-love-love it, me espcially.At least I'm the one whose most vocal about it.


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I just looked at the pictures. What a beautiful and cozy bathroom! I just got some bubble bath, my first one in 3 years! I refused to take baths in the old tub with the yuck surround and chaulk problems until we remodeled our bathroom. It is Natures Family Pure Awake, lime & grapefruit scented. Yummy if one likes fruits. I got it from Kmart.

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I love the bathtub. Looks like an antique, is it or a reproduction? I think that is a beautiful bathroom. Congrats! I am waiting for the day we can re-model the bathroom and I can have a tub too. By then I will probably be too old to get in and out of it tho. :(

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I love your bath tub!!! I'm so short I could sink up to my chin in that tub!!! I'm like Shirley though, I take only showers now. When we were having our house built, we decided to have only a HUGE shower in our bathroom. Seats on both ends, great for shaving legs. I have psoriasis so I can't really take baths...I love the water way to hot! I know that wasn't good for my skin but I adore a HOT soaking bath. We do have a tub in our daughter's bathroom though.

I love the look of your bathroom and that tub is to die for!


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Your tub is exactly like the one I grew up using.

I too love a good long soak -----due to surgeries I have to use a seat when I shower and probably would have a difficult time trying to get out of the tub--- boo hoo
Maybe when I'm all healed I will try a bath again

Love the picture.


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LOVE your new tub - I've got one very similar sitting in my basement waiting to be installed! I once went two years without a proper tub bath, when I had a tiny apartment with no tub. It was awful! I was miserable! I am a bath girl through and through, and hitting the tub is also a big part of handling my fibro/CFS pain. I'm normally cooking myself in super-hot water at least an hour a day, my dermatologist yells at me and I tell her to duke it out with the pain clinic LOL (and it's better for my skin than a chemical-loaded hot tub). The 60" tub I chose is just the right size for me - I'm 5'2.5" - to be all underwater from collarbones to knees, and the back of my head rests comfortably on the rim of the tub. There's a wonderful replacement cover for the tub's overflow drain that even gives an extra inch of water depth! Even though I don't use the shower much (I can't hold onto something, wash my hair, and keep my balance all at the same time) I am getting this teak shower seat because it'll fold up and slide right under that clawfoot tub when not needed. Although the new shower will fit two and DH sure does like "helping", hee hee hee...

We're putting a grab bar on the wall above the tub to make it easier to get in and out, too. Moen makes a good-looking grab bar that goes well with a sort of old-fashioned look. While we didn't block for it because we won't know where the bar needs to be until the tub's in place, there's an anchor made by Toggler that meets ADA load-bearing requirements so we can secure one end at a stud and the other with anchors. _I_ also find it a lot easier to get out of a clawfoot tub than a regular tub, because I can use that rolled rim as a handle to help haul myself out. With regular tubs there's nothing to hold onto.

California Baby makes some fantastic bubble baths that don't dry out your skin or provoke UTIs. Kiss My Face's shower gels make nice bubble baths too. I like salts better than bubbles, and usually I make my own (dead easy and cheap as heck too) but I also like Burt's Bees salts. You can get all three brands at, which is doing free shipping on orders over $25 now.

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WOW! That is some nice tub! Congratulations! Have fun soaking!

We sell Jenness Farms products at the mustard mill and they are very popular. They are in a bag and include a sorta teabag thingy to put the loose oats and other ingredients into the tub. We have several regulars that swear but it, including one lady who is working on the road crew redoing the water pipes in town--trust me she knows tires and sore!!!!

One of the best selling for soaking are the bags. The peppermint one smells wonderful! is the website I posted a link to their page with the bags, since you probably will not be able to make it to the mill before you are wanting a soak!

They are famous for their goats milk products.

PS customers tell me they only need to use half what the bag says for a great feeling soak!

Tell them, Leasa from Raye's Mustard Mill sent you!!!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: The stuff in the bags!

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Thanks for the nice compliments on the tub and bathroom. I love it, too. I've waited a long time for it. What's really strange is that it doesn't seem out of place to me. I thought I might miss the extra room it takes up but I don't. It's as if it was there all along. Well it was - in my imagination. : )

Marilyn, the tub is a reproduction. I think the white feet help to make it look like an old tub, as so many of them were all white in the average house. Growing up, I took baths in a cast iron one at my grandmother's and it had white feet so this has a very nostalgic feel to it for me.

Thanks for the bath bubbles/salts leads. I'll check into them. And Florence, I hope you're feeling up to your old self soon and can take a nice long soak. I had surgery last summer in a more "delicate" area and wish I'd had this tub then. Ah well, as they say, better late than never. : )

DH says we will probably get it hooked up next weekend. He has to finish the downstairs half bath this weekend. We installed beadboard in there and now the toilet needs to come out a bit. He came home with off set flanges last night and a bag full of other plumbing "stuff." He's good at plumbing but hates it. Says cursing wasn't invented until the advent of plumbing. LOL! I think I might call our plumber, who's also a neighbor, to do the tub.


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Gee-orgeous Diana! I am literally sighing with envy here.

Your bathroom is sooo big. I also have a small house -- around 950 sf. Fortunately for me, the prior owner put in a second full bath when she added a small bump-out in the back bedroom. I always bathe in the hall bath though, as it has a longer tub.

I love long hot soaks with epsom salts and Aveeno oatmeal bath treatments. Hopefully with a nice smelling candle burning. Then lotion all over. It's both relaxing and helps pull out the toxins of psoriasis.

I recommend epsom salt soaks for all the achey-aches of yard work in addition to adding something nice and feminine smelling to your soak. Enjoy your beautiful master bathroom!

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I have been going to "Bath and Body works" at the malls in my metro area. They also have on line, and they take a Victoria Secret credit card. I particularly love the line of stuff in the "white tea and ginger" line. A friend and I were noticing that some things give our allergies a little tweek, but so far not anything from B+Body works. They have a lot of different stuff. as Well, I love "Body shop" they have a trade not aid policy too!

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Diana ~ Your bathroom is beautiful and how nice it will be to sit in your tub. Our bathroom is way too small for a tub. DH went to a plumbing supply store last summer and they had an older clawfoot tub sitting out beside the building and they said DH could have it. It only had three of it's feet, but lo and behold in our stash of 'junk' we had another one. It is sitting out behind our cottage in our secret garden, near the jacuzzi. I've taken one bath in it so far. I'm looking forward to getting this area really nice, but that's on hold at the moment. Something to look forward to. I have a shell book from the library and in it there is a picture of a clawfoot tub decorated on the outside with seashells and that's what I want to do with ours.

I have a question for you, what is the make of the throne in your bathroom? We are looking to get a new one.

Hope you get to have a wonderful soak soon.

Leasa ~ I want to get some of those wonderful soaps at that site you posted. They sound delightful to say the least.


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Flowerlady, it's Kohler. I think it is the Portrait, but it's been a few years since we put it in. It's comfy, but these new toilets don't flush worth beans.

Thanks for the other bath products tips. And Leasa, that site has some nice products. I'm going to order a few things this weekend in hopes of a long soak soon! DH is putting the toilet back in the downstairs 1/2 bath. He'll probably want a plumbing break. Poor guy - he's going to need a soak. lol!


Here is a link that might be useful: Portrait by Kohler

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