Blue Rose Tray

phonegirlOctober 11, 2009

Here's my painting project I painted this afternoon. I had bought a couple of trays on clearance at TJ Maxx so painted one black and decided to try blue roses.


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Oh Punk,
That is absoultly beautiful. What paint did you use for the black, I love the finish. I have been carrying trays around with me for at least the last 4 homes I lived in and yet to paint them. I am not sure how I will use them. What are you going to do with yours?

I cannot paint roses. A few years ago Prisilla Hauser said that her first rose looked like cow plop, and she still has it on her kitchen table (I think it is a napkin holder) to remind her to keep trying. Well I keep trying and mine still look like cow plop. Your's is so beautiful, it gave me goose bumps.


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So glad you like this tray and thanks for the sweet comment. I used a flat black Krylon spray paint for the tray. It dries fast so like that. Luvs is the one who inspired me to start painting on trays and said she used spray paint to start. Again, thanks Luvs for the inspiration.LOL

Hang on to those trays and keep going back and painting roses and eventually you will decide what style you prefer. I am finding out that I use to be to particular and it made it harder than it is. If you browse the web and look close at things with roses painted on them, most are not that perfect just beautiful cuz their a ROSE!!!

I feel like how you decribe Prisila Hauser's first rose at times but keep on trying here and there. Some of mine will always be a cow plop because it's the mood I'm in while painting it.haha I plan on trying to paint some more today if time allows.


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You did a great job on this, PG. Your roses are very pretty. I have never painted a blue rose but I have one growing in my yard. It looks blue but it may be lavender - I don't know anything about roses, I just like to paint them. Another thing Priscilla says is you have to paint a hundred roses before you get one really good one. When I took my class with her she would paint a rose to the tune of the Lone Ranger. Funny.

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That turned out beautiful, Punk. Your leaves are just gorgeous too--I can't do that either! Love the stories about Priscilla, I always loved it when she would appear on the Carol Duvall show. Luvs

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Well, missy....that just turned out gorgeous! ha Love the blues you used. Will you share the name of the colors you used? The leaves are very realistic too. Bee-utiful! =D ~Anj

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Thanks sooooo much for all your sweet comments. This is what keeps us painting. Love to send rah, rahs to all of u on your projects also.

PF, thanks for the nice comment and you are a wonderful rose painter yourself. If I have to paint 100 roses
before I can paint a good one, I best pick up the pace on painting roses.LOL Maybe I need to listen to the Lone Ranger and that will have some bearing on them also.haha

Luvs, You do like my leaves and always compliment me on them. Thanks so much for the comments and I'll take that as a compliment coming from someone who paints beautiful roses and leaves herself.

Anj, thanks and good thing you asked now before I had a chance to put them away or I would be clueless. I used two Apple Barrel - Liberty Blue and Midnight blue. I also used two Creamcoat - Blue Mist andBlue Heaven. The top rose was painted with blue mist and blue heaven, the second was painted with blue heaven and Liberty and the last darkest rose was painted with liberty blue and midnight blue. I only cleaned my brush when needed so some of them could have alittle mix.


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Punk........AWESOME! I love the blue roses....I think fear of failure keeps me from try flowers...just need to conquer my fear! Your roses and buds are just great.

Your leaves are super you dry brush them? I have been watching Patricia Rawlinson's video's and in her latest series she is using that technique. I am trying the same idea on the material for my far is it looking OK.

She also explains that by bringing your flower colors down to you leaves the whole painting belongs together....yours really comes I need to go wipe my chin...been drooling!

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Ok, I'm sick and just had to pick myself up off the floor from laughing while reading your post. You are so funny, honey. By the way have you stopped drooling???

Now you are making me blush, girlfriend. I can't imagine you having a fear of painting anything the way you paint. I don't really dry brush my leaves but kind of. I don't wash my brush much and just keep adding until I'm done.

Do you have any of Priscilla's books. PF said she is the best at roses and I can say she does a good joy of trying to help on paint them. I don't know if you read the post where PF said she says you have to paint 100 before you paint a perfect one but with that said why don't you just try a few and see what you think. If it wasn't for all of your supporting comments I don' know if I would keep trying. Does that help to hear that from me?

I can't watch videos on my computer but wish I could. I have had DS try to get them to load and still nothing. I should buy some but I'm to cheap.LOL


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Punk.....not drooling now! You got the Flu? Not fun! Hope you are feeling better and on the mends!

Why does "I draw my own" not surprise me? I can draw a straight line but Santa would look funny made out of a lot of straight lines! I keep tracing paper in business.

I have problems with video's on my computer, they stop and start, so I just let the whole thing play and then replay it and it works. PR's are free in her weekly newsletter. I would like to get some DVD but how can I be sure I get a good one and for my money they are not cheap. And not all great artists are good teachers. PR's are not all that great, her camera is looking at her which puts everything upside down. But it's better than nothing which is how I have learned.

I will go looking for a book by Priscilla, had one or two before, but none on flowers. 100 roses to get a good one, now I really am in trouble, I really had to laugh at that one! I'm not exactly the patient kind of person that accepts imperfection the 1st time let alone 99 times. But I am going to try!!!!!! You all give me the courage and desire to just "get 'er done"

So.....break out the honey what was the other thing you put into hot tea...and feel better now!


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Punk, so sorry you caught the flu--guess we are entering that season aren't we? DH and I both need to go get our flu shots, haven't done that yet.

I love Belle's comments too--and I just know that with a bit of practice, her roses will be fantastic. I sort of think I would have been better off if I had not learned the one stroke rose first--now it's hard to do different kinds of roses for me.

I like videos mainly because I like to watch how other people paint--and I like that I can rewind and watch a certain technique over and over again. I got most of my one stroke tapes for $5.00 each on sale. Only have one DVD so far--they are lots more expensive.


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Belle and Luvs,

Thanks for the get well wishes. It's the sharp stomach pains that's the worst.

My favorite book of Priscilla's is Priscilla's Beautiful Roses. I have several and a few of her older books that doesn't do much to inspire me.

I also have Donna Dewberrys Rose book and really like it. I can't seeem to get the perfect load with doing the one stroke so that's why I don't paint them much. Luvs, yours are beautiful and mine look blobbies.LOL Hows that for a word.

Go get your flu shots. I just started a tray with yellow roses and will share when I finish.


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"Blobbies"??? LOL That is quite a word, but rest assured the roses you paint never look like blobbies! ;o)

Hope you are starting to feel better. We will go get those shots soon. Both of us have had head colds already but nothing serious, just sore throat and sniffles.

I saw your yellow roses, they are so pretty, I love yellow roses.

I've only painted various shades of pink roses and once I did some red ones (which were very hard to me). Have you ever seen the white roses DD paints on glass plates? They almost look like frosted plates. I'd like to find a nice glass plate to try them on. I think I'd just use my acrylics however, I'm really not a fan of the glass paints, and mine would only be for display.


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I don't believe I've seen DD white roses but I have seen some in my books and I liked them. Don't remember who had painted them right off but they seem to look antiqued.

I have to be in the right mood to want to paint and hopefully will get there this weekend. I want to paint red roses but haven't figured out what colors to use. Your scarring me by saying they were hard.LOL

WalMart has nice glass items that you might be able to try white roses on. They have the covered glass cake plates on pedestals that would be great if the price was right. I always hope I will find them on clearance but that hasn't happened yet. Haveyou looked at TS for just a large glass plate with no luck?

Go get your flu shots and enjoy GD and we'll talk later. Punk

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I haven't really seriously searched for clear glass plates yet--sort of forgot about wanting to try the white ones on glass until you posted your roses. There are just so many designs I'd like to try to paint that I easily get sidetracked! LOL

Little GD went home today, house seems too quiet now--but Gramma sure was tired! Those little ones have so much energy, don't they? We painted magnolia leaves and glued them in a book, and she sponge painted a little box to keep her "good notes" from school in. She also freehand drew some fairies and cut them out then wanted to glue them on popsickle sticks--she's going to be my little crafting partner that I've always wanted I think. ;o)


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