ML - is your dream stove a Bertazzoni?

desertstephJuly 6, 2011

if so, have you seen the threads on other forums about them?

one on appliance and maybe one on kitchen...

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Steph, I researched way back on the kitchen forum for Bertazzoni, but have not visited there recently. And I just never went to appliances.

Hmmm, I might go take a peek. However, what I'm wanting is the 24 inch full stove, not the large things. And, my DH and I are now considering just the Bertazzoni 24" stainless gas cooktop. I've wanted a real oven so I can use my cast iron pans to make pizza and such, and cornbread. It is hard to use a convection oven which has a turntable for such items. So I'm still wanting the plain (no turntable) oven, even though we have a really nice Sharp microwave/convection combo which cooks like a dream.

And to answer your question, oh yes, that Berta is my dream range. Thanks for nudging me to go look around there.

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their's is probably a monster one... and it might be the same person cross posting. I thought it weird after almost never seeing that brand name on here and then in a wk or 2 seeing it at least twice.

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