My Halloween candy...

missy11October 4, 2008

I haven't decorated my yard in Yearssss! but this year I became a Grandmother and want to make my yard fun for her... she is only 5 weeks old.... anyway I have had fun finding scrap wood to cut out and paint on.. if it any nailed down .. I'm painting it... wait I still can paint it if is nailed down... what am I waiting on.... lol...

excuse the empty flower pots... I haven't found the yellow mini mums yet....

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I just love your candy corns. Did you cut them out yourself? Are they the 1/2 or 1/4 inch plywood? You did a great job on those happy faces. Your candy apple is very clever too. TFS. Luvs

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Thanks Luvs... yes it is plywood... it was 1/4 inch.. just some scraps thats been lay around the side of the house... I usually cut it out myself but this time my son want to do soooo... I let him... he did great for his first time to use the saw... he cut to much on one of my candy corn but it just adds charm....

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It does add charm, I thought it was supposed to be cut that way. Very darling decorations Missy. Love their cute little faces and the candy apple is genius! Thanks for sharing and glad you are back to decorating.....even if DGD is only 5 weeks old. Never too soon. ha ~Anj

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Very cute!! I really liked the candy corn on the left as he looks like he is saying "so long!" & might run off! Love the candied apple so cute & different.

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Guess what yall? a friend of mine took a pic of the candy corn... their are three different ones that I made... anyway she was showing her friends at work.... just to show them off... well one asked if I could make one,,, then another ask, then another ask.... now I have 75 candy corns to make this weekend... I told her NO more.... lol... off to go by plywood and paint..... busy weekend... Plus the game is on... I think I will have to miss it but I have faith in my team in winning....Go OU Sooners!!!!!

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Good for you, Missy--I guess! No way would I be wanting to have to crank out 75 of anything! LOL It is nice to know others appreciated your creations, isn't it? Hope you charge enough to be worth your time and effort. Luvs

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Your projects are great. I love the candy apple.

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Great yard art! I love to decorate the yard, and mine is the only decorated yard on our road - stuffy neighbors!

But I never thought to use the candy corn the way you have...what a great idea! Thank you for sharing and get busy on those candies!

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