Oh, Watt A Night

phonegirlOctober 7, 2009

I used JMP pattern for snowmen and Sandy Holman's wording, added a couple bats and made a Halloween Platter with ghosts instead. What do you think? Should of I left off their little hands or not? I just wanted to paint something for Halloween and didn't have anything my Halloween letter spelled out would fit on so painted this. I need to shrink my letters and then paint them on a tray. Punk

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What a cute piece! Such cute faces, and I enjoyed reading the names for each. Like the "spooky" shaky lettering too. And yes, the little hands holding the sign are perfect. Very clever! I like it! Luvs

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I love it! The faces are super and the hands are just perfect...they are holding the center instead of the the center just sitting on the faces.

Please tell me you didn't free hand the orange trim!

So cute!


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Hi Luvs and Belle,

Glad you both liked the remake. I wasn't sure about the hands and after reading your comments I think I made the right choice. I thought about putting all of our names on here instead of those when I read Lovey and thought of you Luvs.

Belle I'd like to tell you I didn't free hand the orange paint but I'm not good at telling fibs.LOL Thanks


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That is a cute platter, Punk! I totally saw them as ghosts so you did the trasition well. I like their hands holding up the sign too. And the names too! ~Anj

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Thanks Anj for the comments. Punk

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