Cake tin with shabby roses

luvstocraftSeptember 9, 2009

Found this cake tin for $1.99 at GW some time ago. Also had the pedestal base from another GW, so I paired them together and painted some shabby roses on it.

It looks really pretty and while I love the colors of white and pink, it really doesn't go with my normal decor at my house. I may keep it to use for special times--not sure yet.


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Beautiful, Luvs, just beautiful. Was it silver or aluminum to begin with? I can never find anything like this around here. I love how soft the painting is. A very pretty pink.

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Luvs, Your cake plate turned out wonderful. You have such a way of putting these together. Love the way you detailed the pedestal. I wouldn't of known they didn't come as a set. The price was right also. It's great to come and have a new project to enjoy. Punk

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Oh man what I would give to have your talent. Gorgeous.

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Oh Luvs I agree w/everyone. You are just so talented and so full of surprises. You did such a fabulous job on this cake cover, and I too would have thought this was a set.
They work so well together and you painted those flowers just beautifully.


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Wow!! Most beautiful cake cover & plate I've ever seen! I love the way you made the top roses different from side roses & the side roses had a nice surprise when you turned the cover & see the bud!! Very creative! Libby made a similar aluminum top part with a glass plate with star shape on it in the 1930's I think. It wasn't lovely just practical.I finally got rid of mine as thought it was "too dull", didn't think to paint it,wouldn't have been near as nice as your's if I had. Your's is almost to pretty to use!! Would look lovely in a hutch! Jan

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So glad all of you liked it--I'm never totally happy with anything I make until weeks later. Always seem to see something I could have done better or differently! Guess we really are our own worst critic, aren't we? You gals always make me feel so good.;o)


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Luvs....Stunning! You put the top and pedestal together so well and all of the beautiful roses. And the detailing on the base...and the base color, just plain great!

I really need to go looking for things that would turn out like this! But I just can't see a finished piece guess that's what make us can and I can't.

Thanks for sharing!


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Belle, I'm glad you finally had a chance to get over here to the gallery to look.

The reason I find pieces like this to paint is because I'm so CHEAP! I just can't bring myself to pay the prices for the unpainted wood pieces, so I either cut my own or look at TS and GS for things I can "makeover". LOL

By the way, my DS was over and saw this sitting on the kitchen counter and said "Ahh, cake!" lifted the lid and said "Mom, with something that pretty, you'd really expect to find a cake inside!" ;o) Think that was a hint??? LOL


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My DSis just brought me another cake taker so I will be thinking of something to paint on it. I haven't had time to do much lately but will check in here when I have time. Keep up the GREAT work. Punk

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