I was wrong....

imamommyFebruary 13, 2010

I promised that if I was wrong, I would admit it and apologize. So, here it goes:

Several months ago, just after BM's BF's ExW told me that he was confiding in her that he made a mistake in hooking up with BM, he was telling his exW that his plans to marry BM were off because he couldn't afford to support her and her kids anymore. Well, within a month of that, BM posted on a website that she was pregnant. When I showed my husband, he said it was impossible because BM had told him she had a surgery that rendered her infertile. Then, the weekend BM found out that I knew she was pregnant, she went ballistic & came out to our car when we came to get SD and wanted me to get out so she can kick my arse and called me a p*ssy when I didn't get out of my car. (like I would fight her during an exchange... let alone when she saying she's pregnant) so I was convinced she was faking the pregnancy and was going to fake a miscarriage and blame me via the 'fight' or that it caused her stress.

Well, she supposedly had her baby on Thursday. (I still have not seen it, but I concede...) So, she lied to DH when she said she couldn't have anymore kids.

Still, I can't help but feel saddened just a little bit. I love babies and each one is a gift... but knowing how hard SD has tried to get her mom to pay attention to her... knowing that BM already has two children she doesn't take care of... knowing that she got pregnant with both of her daughters when the relationships were going sour, hoping to keep her man by getting pregnant... if history repeats itself, can't help but feel very sad for this new baby.

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I wish you had been right.

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I also wish you'd been right...

So what did she have, boy or girl? What has SD said?

"Our" BMs are so similar! SS's mom is due in just a little over two months with baby #3...still not working...still on state health insurance...still on foodstamps, and all the rest of the jazz. And, incidentally, after having been relatively calm these last 6 months, she's off her rocker again, on a rampage about SS having a cell phone b/c she NEEDS 24-7 access to him...sent DH a bunch of nasty texts about him, me and even my DD.She wigged out the other day because she was at SS's V-day party at school and she wanted to drop him off at our house afterwards, but I was already in the carpool line to pick him up and DH told her "NO." And she fliped out about how he should go with his MOMMY after school, and who the h*ll did DH think he was telling her she couldn't drive him one block to our house?!

Insanity, I tell you.


My opinion about your SD's BM---people don't change. I feel sorry for this new innocent little baby. :(

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Thats awful that she has kids she does not parent and then she goes and has more! My skids bm is totally like that too! She had my 3 skids and left them with dh so she could run off with her bf. Then she got "accidentally" pregnant by bf right away and had a miscarriage. Then when her and bf were going to split up "surprise" she was pregnant again. Then they did not want that child to be an only child (don't get me started on that since she already had 3 kids she does not take care of and he had 3 in another state he did not even see!!)so they planned another one right after that. Then "surprise" not even a year later bm had #3 with bf. Luckily she said she got her tubes tied after that! Good thing because neither of them can hold a job or keep a place to live!

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