I pledge allegience....

anjabeeSeptember 27, 2008

This is an Americana design from the book Makin' Pretties by Michele Deaton. I can never have enough Americana. =) ~Anj

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Anj, that turned out so cute, I love it! What do you mean about not been able to do cheeks, these look just perfect. You work always looks so neat and prcise--and I think this project is very timely with the election coming up soon. ;o) Luvs

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Thanks Luvs...I don't think the cheeks are great, but better than they used to be. Out of desperation, I bought a pinky-red watercolor pencil and I just color on the cheeks and then kinda work that in with a scruffy brush or my finger. ha Yours are so smooth and round. I'll keep practicing. ha ~Anj

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Anj, you brought back an old memory--I made such a mess on the first cheeks I did--so I removed them and went and got my blush from my purse and used a q-tip to rub some on my wood piece. It actually turned out pretty good as I remember, and stayed on fine once I had sealed it. ;o) What is that saying? Something like "necessity is the mother of invention"? LOL

I hoped to get more painting done today, but I think I lifted little GD too much yesterday. She kept wanting up on a low tree branch, and then had me lift her up several times at Petco so she could see the snakes and other reptiles. Either she's getting to big or I'm getting too old--or both! My back is not feeling so good today. Will have to see how it goes.


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I always seem to forget about the gallery. Anj, these are just darling and the cheeks are perfect. I like cheeks that are not painted on like the ones on toy soldiers or nutcrackers. These are much prettier.

Luvs, when I was at HOOT last year I found a small container of "blush" material. I don't know if it is pastels, stencil paint, or what. It is like regular blush but it came only in pink, red, or orange. You can use a q-tip or a scruffy brush to put the blush on your object and it works. I have used regular blush before but found I had to spray it afterwards so it didn't run when I varnished it.

Good talking to yall again.

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Your patriotic couple is darling. Did you write with a pen or paint your wording? Thanks so much for sharing.

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Hey phonegirl. Thank you. I used a sharpie ultra fine point pen to do the lettering. I let it dry for a day before I sprayed it with sealer cause sometimes they will run. I'm sure there are better pens to use specifically for that, but I never think to look when I'm at Michaels. ~Anj

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Hi Anjabee - Your little boy and girl are really great and I like the theme! My living room has a patriotic theme except during holidays.

I have problems with the cheeks as well - I tend to "over" paint them and like Paintingfool, I use blush most of the time.

I also use an IDenti-pen for my line work. It has a tip on each end, one fine and one broad. For even better tips go to you local office supply store (Staples) and check out their pens, they have a better selection than craft stores.

Thank You for sharing,


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Anj, I've used lots of different pens through the years, but always spray a LIGHT coat of the Krylon matte 1311 over it and it won't run then even if you later spray the triple thick or use a brush on sealer over it.

Your lettering looks so good. Did you trace it all on then use the pen, or did you freehand it? It really is a cute sign.


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Thanks for the tips you guys. I love all this discussion...it's so great!! ha I like to know how other people do things and what tools they use to get the job done. I'm a self taught painter so I'm always trying to learn new things.

Belle~ thanks for putting your name at the bottom of your post. Easier to learn people's names that way. Some of the user names are so close to each other it gets confusing to me sometimes and some are really long! ha I shortened Luvs (luvstocraft)for her when we first started coming here so her's sticks. ha She is a sweetheart so it totally fits!

Luvs~ I freehanded the lettering (in pencil first!). The pattern was on a heart shaped piece of wood so it wouldn't have looked right on my straight piece. I thought after I did it that I probably should have spaced it a little more to make the words go all the way down to the bottom, but it wasn't like that on the original pattern either so I guess it's ok. ha

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The lettering looks just perfect the way you did it,Anj, and knowing how neat your lettering always is, I had a feeling that you might have been able to freehand it.

I am sure loving all the posters who are joining in here now, and yes, the discussions are so great, I love hearing how other's find ways to do things easier or quicker too.


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