silverswordFebruary 17, 2011

How do you introduce yourself in regards to your stepchildren?

I'm about to go to an event (BM sponsored) where no one will know me and I'll have to introduce myself. Options include:

Hi, I'm Silver.

Hi, I'm Silver, DH's wife.

Hi, I'm Silver, SD's SM.

Or I could go the comic route and say:

Hi, I'm Silver, BM's Ex-husband's wife.

I don't want to go. I don't want to glad-hand a bunch of BM's friends who I know will be side-glancing, under hand whispering about me. But DH isn't extremely social either, so I know I'll end up being the one to say hello and make introductions first.

How do you all handle this sort of situation?

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I've been in some very uncomfortable situations. No matter how I introduce myself or am introduced by someone, something always goes wrong. In most cases it ends up with people assuming that I am SDs' mother, then they comment how young I am to be their mother (well duh, 45 and SD is 29? and I look like late 30s hmmm). And BM might be right there listening. "oh, no, she is the mother" Awful.

We are not married so I don't introduce msyelf as SM. I say "Hi, I am PO1, SO's (insert name) GF". But like i said people don't listen anyways and assume their own things.

So I just say 'Hi, i am PO1". Let them figure it out. ha

Once in a awhile I had to be introduced by my ex and he always said "this is PO1, DD's mom". I liked it much better than "exwife".

I hate going to events with BM and we probably will never go anymore, the last couple of them were disasturous.

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I introduce or talk about my ex husband as DD's dad too. Much nicer.

I don't want to go...

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