What color do you like to "POP" in your kitchen?

stacylhMay 7, 2013

Cabs and counters are installed. They are a color close to BM white dove on the perimeter with a dark walnut stained island and White Kashmir granite. Walls have been painted (again) BM Revere Pewter.

I don't have backsplash yet but pretty much know where I'm headed with that and it's neutral.

Because everything I've picked so far is so neutral, I'm feeling like I need a splash of color. I'm leaning toward a mustardy yellow/muted gold, but would love to see others "pop" of color. Also, how did you bring in that color (i.e., accessories, window treatments, bar stools, etc.)

Would love to see photos, too!!

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I had a similar issue, I love all the white in my kitchen but want to warm up the system. We are using blue as our pop color. We will have a blue valance for kitchen window and blue and white cushions for our window seat. I think accent rugs are another good way to introduce color. I dont have pictures yet but will post them soon. Good luck.

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Although I have done colored kitchens, I don't really introduce accent colors in anything "fixed", particularly at the countertop--eyelevel area. I keep this a fairly neutral background for the food and the items that rotate on and off the counter in a working kitchen all the time. So textiles, containers, trays, and things like that may all be pretty colorful in different ways than the primary color of the kitchen, but nothing that is fixed or attached.

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My kitchen walls are thyme green...very dark. Since I have a lot of rich cream trim and my cabs I could have chosen almost anything. My DIL and DS1 brought me a beautiful towel from Provence France. I had it matted and framed. It has the same green as my kitchen and then a lovely rich mustard gold that is typical of Provence fabrics. I added a Saffron Le Creuset pot..no longer made and can't even get them on ebay :( and I added a hand made pottery pendant over the island that is from England. So that is my "pop" ...mustard yellow. c

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My kitchen is going to be all cream and my pop of color will be my range, a burgundy CornuFe.

I am also adding touches of black with a stenciled wood floor and fabric for a skirt under the farm sink.

I have been having to reign myself in while choosing materials and paint, so the palette will stay quiet and the range can take center stage.

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Molly Phillips

My pop of color is leaning towards turquoise....although I'm considering other colors as well. I am painting Revere Pewter on the walls after trying 43 different shades of yellow - I just couldn't find the right one that was right for us. I do have a lot of red things left over and I have a flowered throw rug that has the aqua, red, yellow and kelly green - I hope to bring them all out a little but maybe sticking with one is a more professional way to go?

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We are doing the popular "cool" color scheme: white shaker, white backsplash, whitish granite, with probably a greyish/blueish wall color... so our island will be navy, and the schoolhouse pendants over it will probably have a navy stripe. And we are leaning towards warm hardware such as brushed brass / antique brass / unlacquered brass (not 80's cheesy shiny brass). Everything just seems too "cool" without adding something warm like the brass. Also the breakfast room adjacent thru the peninsula will have an acorn colored wood pendant for warmth. Other ideas: we might be able to add warmth with the island counterstool materials and/or cushions... and a wooden farmhouse table in the breakfast room; might bring in some interesting warmer colors via valance over the sink and window treatments in the breakfast room. But not that far yet! It will be a while before we have pics but I'd be interested to see other people's ideas/pics, since I have the same "too cool" concern.

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My entire kitchen looks very warm, color-temp-wise, now that everything's in (in spite of the very cool "ivory" cabs), so I wanted a cool pop color. I fell in love with a fabric, out of which I made Roman shades, and which has a very grey turquoise in it. So I chose to emphasize that color, using turquoise for pops. Fabric is a great way to pull color into a room! (The splash is way more grey IRL.)

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Hmmmmm ... I couldn't decide ... ;)

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fouramblues, I love your turquoise accents! That might work well since my adjacent family room is BM Beach Glass, a blue with a greenish undertone.

Now I am wondering if I can do turquoise AND yellow (sparingly).

mama_goose: Love it! How fun!

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Our palette is very cool grey and white, with some green undertones. Thus we are using green to liven things up. Window treatments, pillows on the benches, stools chairs, rugs and some glassware and decor. I will need to reign things in, I think, in order to keep things in balance.

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Like Palimpsest and Mama Goose (love the shirred curtains!) strictly what accessories appeal at the moment, StacyH, including curtains.

At the moment it's mostly turquoise, lime green and a little orange against the warm creamy background. It had been too briefly mostly lavender, purple and cerise lilacs and iris to go with the new spring leaves outside--until I bought a turquoise Dutch oven at a close-out. As the summer heats up, it'll probably quiet way down; last year it was a lot of fresh white with a little brown. Next holiday months it'll be reds, golds and greens again. There's always a bowl of produce ripening. I enjoy having fun with this.

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My cabs are white, my granite and backsplash are neutral. My color inspiration came from the red knobs on my Wolf range. I bought a few red plates/vases/etc...and placed them in various areas including my glass cabinets. I was worried that red would be overpowering, but using just a few pieces gives a very subtle look. I decorate for every holiday and looking forward to the 4th of July by adding a little blue to the kitchen.

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Like Four, our kitchen is very warm and didn't have a lot of color.
We even have the same countertop as her island.

So, I had fun in the sunroom

The best part is the maple outside has similar colors in the fall - unplanned but fun!

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I'm not one to do "pops". My walls are chartreuse and I am thinking about painting my scullery purple. And I might, just might, then stencil chartreuse paisleys on the purple wall.

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This is a great thread! I have been looking at my living space (kit/dr/lr) and thinking it needs an accent color. You all have beautiful spaces and I love looking at pictures.

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We had too much white in the kitchen, hence the bold backsplash. I've found orange works well as an accent color. I usually have lots of fruit on the island (good color). I like the monochromatic back drop.

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(The seat cushions below actually are green with no blue to them. The flash changed the color.)

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I had to find this thread again, when I saw this kitchen on houzz:

Traditional Kitchen by Little Rock General Contractor Bret Franks Construction, Inc.

Here is a link that might be useful: colorful kitchen, more pics

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Blood red kettle and stools. ;-)

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four--what was your fabric?--very pretty.

Our almost done kitchen has off white cabs, a grey counter and light blue glass tiles.Roman shade is a neutral linen. I have blue, turquoise and green pottery as planned accents. I also think any pop of color like pink, orange or yellow flowers will go. It's a pretty neutral palette but I love the neutral tones. Oh and a driftwood platter with turquoise and green sea glass. We'll see--I'll be able to rotate colors with moods I think!

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Blood red kettle and stools. ;-)

Thank God for the word "kettle" in there. I didn't see it at first read!

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Angie, I know.

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Love the ideas!! I picked up some yellow and turquoise accessories at Home Goods to try for a few days :)

I'll post some pics once all the trim is painted tomorrow.

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