Snow Family

paintgirl2008September 3, 2008

While at my daughter's today I ran across this painting from a few years ago of a snow family.She always hangs it at Christmas, but for some reason left it up this year. The design came from a magazine, but I can't recall which one or the designer. I usually change things around some anyway.

This is not the best picture,

But I love my little snow people!!

Blessings on all!!

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That is really cute, and what a great tribute to her clever mom that your daughter leaves it up!

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Very cute! Glad she had it out so you could get a pic of it to share with us. What a cute little snow family. Luvs

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How nice that DD has left it up. By the time spring gets here I'm usually so happy to be warm I'm done with anything to do with cold. ha Winter will be here soon again though.
You did a very nice job on the little snow family. I especially admire the way you painted the little snow covered trees. TFS. ~Anj

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Your picture of the little snow family is great. Post more for us to enjoy. Here in Montana we are already getting snow so it won't be long before our gardens are done. I have a few pumpkins that are turning orange fast. I hope they don't freeze before I get them picked. I'm hoping to paint on some of them.

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Phonegirl...we are also getting snow in the higher elevations already here in UT. I hope your pumpkins don't freeze. I wanna see what you have in store to paint on them. =) ~Anj

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Thanks everyone for the nice comments on my little snow family.Phonegirl and Anjabee I pulled up the states of Utah and Montana, and y'all have some beautiful scenery!!! Hard to believe it is snowing already, here in the South we won't have any for awhile if at all. Sometimes it doesn't snow all winter.please show your pumpkins when you get them painted.
Love to all!!

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Paintgirl....don't remind me!!! I'm originally from MS and my DH is from LA. We still have family there. I do not like the winters here. I'm not a fan of the snow. Maybe it's a little easier to deal with than the hurricanes that are hitting our home towns during this season though. ha

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Nice snow family! I like how you highlighted just behind the tree's to make them stand out and the treatment on the frame makes everything come together.

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