Shades of Idaho, quick question!

enigmaquandryJuly 12, 2010

Chris, I was looking at some older threads about smaller bedrooms and you were part of one talking about furniture placement in the master. The photos have been long moved so they didn't show up. I was wondering if you were maybe willing to share that picture of how you set up your room? I think it may have been a previous home of yours, here is the link to the thread if it helps.

I've been struggling with bedroom sizes lately and where to put things and it seemed you had a pretty good grasp of it :) Anyway, thanks so much besides!

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Just caught me before signing off.

This is the picture you were looking for. This is the smallest master we ever had. But it worked for us. This is a full size bed.

Night All.


Here is a link that might be useful: Small master bedroom

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Gosh Chris, I never saw these pics before. Had to go through all of them.

Enigma, I have the same problem as you. Not sure if it is due to having bigger bedrooms or wanting too much in mine. I do know a double bed would have been a good decision like Chris has, but can't change this situation.

Maybe others can post some small bedroom pic. I think too that some of the rooms we see in magazines or sites are actually sets created and not a room in a home. Which gives them more options for furniture placement. Doors/windows will always change our options quickly.

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Thank you thank you! I love the cottage style and I LOVE your bed! We don't currently have anything more than a mattress sitting on a metal frame but I'm trying to find a beautiful iron/brass/copper bed frame. Thank you so much for posting your picture, that really is helpful to see how you got everything in there! I have to say, I really really loved your laundry room too ;)

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Enigma, what are the dimensions of your bedroom? Do you have an ensuite bath or do you go down the hall to the bath?

If you have as much as 5 feet extra at the foot of your bed, when the headboard is against the wall, you might have the option of pulling the bed away from the wall, and positioning a low or high chest backed up to the headboard. With the right set up, you would not need anything but the tiniest bedside table, like a plant stand, for a glass of water or your alarm clock or whatever. This "island" in the middle of your bedroom creates openness around your bed, and you have a chance for hanging a sheer chrtain around the bed, or centering it under the ceiling fan. For some reason, this makes the room look bigger.

In Chris's photo, it almost looks like her bed is away from the wall, and it gives the room lightness, not pegged down with heavy furniture.

Since I've put in a queen sized bed and the wall to wall floor to ceiling curtains, the 12 x 12 bedroom looks big too. Is your room smaller than that?

If you do not have kids or other folks living in the house with you and your DH, try making your bedroom ONLY FOR SLEEPING....and maybe dressing too. When you have kids down the road, that will be the time to put multifunction into your personal space.

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whelp I am all dressed and ready to go to meeting and it is too early. LOL Switch up for me.

Thanks on the laundry room I must find more pictures of that laundry room. It was amazing. I LOVED it. The sink was set up in the picture for staging as a second space for use as putting on make up and I did use it to wash my hair. But more of the time when the cow was fresh I used it for my milking kitchen. Was so great. The buckets fit in the sink great for washing and the counters for the drying racks. Cabinet under to store all the milking equipment.

Let me tell you all DO NOT get into milking a cow. I loved my cows and goats and loved to milk. It is such a special time spent with all the critters. But it takes at least three hours a day dealing with the milk and making the butter and cheeses and just the milking and wash up.This is averaging it out over the week. I kept track of it for a month. Then I did not want to know anymore. LOL

Anyway. That room had a great pantry cupboard and a coat closet and HUGE storage cabinet. Washer dryer and my hoosier AND the table I use in my studio now as my computer table/desk. I did all my ebay sales out of that room when I was still doing ebay.

GADS I can shoe horn furniture in like no ones business. I am trying to not keep doing that but I just have so many favorite pieces I can not part with. Like you Jay only my furniture is not beautiful like your furniture is.

Will be fun to dig for those pictures. I am sure I have them on a disk.


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Finally found the laundry room pictures. Added them to the album. Last four pictures. I would LOVE to have this space back. I really used every inch of this room. I was also so much more into clutter then. Sheese I look at these pictures and the clutter makes me crazy. I have eliminated a good part of the stuff.


Here is a link that might be useful: Last four pictures of this album

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That laundry room is AWESOME! That's so funny you mentioned cows! When I was little one of my best friends had chickens and the other had goats and I remember whenever I slept over we had to get up early and milk the goats and pasteurize the milk etc. I have recently been looking into getting chickens and a goat because I love the idea of our own eggs and milk but unfortunately I'm within the city limits and all livestock is a no're right though, it's just SO much work!

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Really this was one of the best laundry rooms I ever had unless it was the one at the next house. This was the big house we had at 1850 SQ FT. the kitty is facing a coved area of the room and there were three more cabinets mounted to the wall there. I had a drying rack in the space and also a place to hang Joe's snowmobile suits to dry when he came home. The heat vent was in the space. I think it was three foot deep and 6 foot lone. This laundry room was excessively large at 18 foot long by 6 foot wide. Sure was a great space to do laundry in and YES I folded it in there too and the cabinets above the washer and dryer were for my linens.This house had a huge walk in pantry too. Great house but it really was way too large.


Here is a link that might be useful: Another awsome laundry room

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Wow, I can't even imagine having a laundry room that big.

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