Ok, don't laugh..(please)

daisydalSeptember 22, 2008

Ok, here goes, Luvs said something to me the other day about posting any painting that I do. Well, I visited this site and was BLOWN away at the talent here! Man, you guys got it goin' on!!! Terrific stuff! I told Luvs after seeing yall's stuff,you would laugh me under the table!

Well, I had this idea for one of my front doors and then my friends daughter had a bedroom makeover, so she wanted me to paint it on her door. It was just a standard white door. So... here it is. Pretty amateury (is that a word?), but she really liked it.(of course, she's only 11!) I used the beehive on another project on GJ forum, only bigger. I done it at work and just free-handed the whole thing, took me about three hours. (Good thing my DH owns the company and was golfing that day!) Like I said, its kinda kidlike painting. Thx, Luvs, for thinking of me! Hope I don't embarrass you too much!!!??


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Welcome welcome Daisydal!! Oh no you don't. You belong here now so don't try to go away again!! ha You did an awesome job on the door! I hardly ever do anything freehand (always use patterns) so I really enjoy seeing freehand work. I'm amazed that people can see something in their head and just paint it.
What girl wouldn't love that door?? I bet she feels like she is looking thru glass into a fun sunshiney world. Love the faux wood and all the little fun things you added to it. The little tweet bird in the nest is sooo cute. Great job!! Don't stop now!! =) ~Anj

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Hi Daisydal I'm with anj I love it also. I too was very impressed with the talent here. When all is said and done they make everyone welcome here. My favorite part is the lady bug. Cute cute cute. Keep painting you have great talent. Love it.!!!!!!!

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Your door is beautiful and original!Keep posting, this forum is a good place to get to see other people's work-and to chat.
Painting has been one of the best pleasures in my life, I could sit all day just looking. In my area there are not a lot of painters any more, or at least the little shops seem to be gone. You do good work-I would be happy to have a door like that!

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Hi Daisydal, What a fun idea! And you faux finished the whole door. I could never imagine a design, let alone freehand paint it! You did good, Gal, give yourself a pat on the back. Isn't it fun to take an old item and spruce it up with a fun idea? Hope you will come back to share more projects with us and to chat as well. Luvs

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Laugh, this is no laughing matter honey, it's like a large project most wouldn't even attempt, including myself. It turned out great. It's hard to make a pattern for something like that. I painted a large two man saw for my neighbor with the four seasons and haven't attempted anything like that since. It was fun but I remember making everything flow took alot of planning. Thanks for sharing.

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You have some talent there, Daisy. And you have imagination so keep posting. I know the little girl must love it - now what else do you have to show us?

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