Halloween Tray

anjabeeSeptember 2, 2011

This photo did not turn out well no matter how or where I took it. The wood grain does not show up in real life and the white outlining is not that bright, but you get the idea. This will go in the boutique as well. Do you think it needs a word or something at the top or is it ok?? Design by Barb Jones

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Anj....It's absolutely perfect! The wood grain showing through makes it look kind of like a dark fog, might be worth doing a very light wash of grey where the grain show in the photo or leave it just like it is as it is perfect just the way it is, again, I love the boots!


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That turned out cute! Isn't it great that both you and Belle liked this design? I don't think it needs anything more, and I like that the wood grain shows up too. Luvs

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I LOVE Barb Jones!! LOVE!! Not one of her designs have I seen that I don't love! Got a few more in the works for glass blocks! You should see my desk! Looks like a paint shop exploded! Paint bottles and brushes everywhere and papers that need filing and projects, books and patterns strung everywhere. Need to take a minute to clean things off and start again! ha Belle, where do you store your projects when you are finished? I have no idea how to price any of this stuff either!

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Storage? What STORAGE? I actually put up a folding table, in my painting area, to hold the "to paint" and "just painted" things until it was safe to wrap them. I then put them in my wheeled luggage. Just before the show I did a pre-run of how I wanted to get everything up, took pictures, and then put thing back into the cases by area of display. I know.....over kill! But it makes the day of the show go so much better. I just put the pictures, which I printed on regular typing paper, on the tables and as DH and I unwrapped thing we could take a look (especially him, dear man) and there it went.

Pricing...one of my customers told me everything was priced to low...so you are on your own there! Might try Esty....I found several things I was making on there and just dropped my price a little. Have fun!


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Anj, another great project. I'll have to go look at some more of her patterns. I don't think this needs any writing added. I would display it standing up like in the picture.

I agree pricing is always a tough one. I always priced my projects accordig to what I would pay if I was the one shopping and I'm cheap. If a project was time consuming to make, I would mark it higher and tell my customers why.

I use to store all mine in the plastic totes w/paper towels between so they wouldn't scratch during travel.


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Ok, glad I'm not the only one with storage issues! lol Thanks for all the input on this boutique thing. Not too organized with it all. A friend does it every year out of her house so not sure how much space I'll have. Thanks for the ideas on the pricing. I don't like going too high. ~A

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Looks great and I like the wood graining also - think it adds to the mystery of the night!

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