Halloween sign

anjabeeSeptember 2, 2011

Saw something like this somewhere (If I could remember where I would give credit to the designer) and thought it was totally cute so kinda did my own. The saying is from a Shakespeare play. Glittered around the edges, socks stripes and stars. Not sure it shows up in the picture much. DD and her friends love this one.

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Oh! Anj......it is super!!!!Oh! I love it! What font did you use...it is so great! And the shoe.....totally awesome! Can I use your design? PleasePleasePlease!

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This is fabulous! I love the spiders hanging from the letters and that boot is so fun! I agree that the font you used is great! How can you sell this one? That's one of my problems--so hard to part with the projects I love! LOL


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I feel kinda bad about this one because I don't like the idea of stealing someone's design. I save a lot of pics that I think are cute to keep ideas going in my head and this one I thought was adorable but it was a cross stitch design. The pic I saved was a teeny little thumbnail so I didn't print any fonts, just tried to do the lettering somewhat like the pic cause I liked it too. I do have a problem with selling the cute ones. My DD really loves this one too. But I can do another one for her later. I find it's better if I know ahead of time that I'm painting something specifically for selling. That way I don't get too attached. lol So I guess if you wanted to do this one, just draw up your own pattern by looking at it and go for it and hope the designer doesn't come back to bite us in the butt! =/

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Anj...most designers do copy write there designs but they also put in this little thing about being able to make and sell a finished project as long as it is not mass produced....so I think you are safe!

I have been looking for that Font.... I still love it....even told DH about it and got an eye roll! He knows whats coming.


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This is super cute, Anj. Love the saying and the script writing on this pumpkin. Darling shoe, spider web, moon, glitter stars and edge to top this one off.

I'm lovin' it here tonight seeing all your cool projects.


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Thanks Belle, makes me feel a little better. And thank you Punk! I'd love to come here and see a new project or two from you!! lol JK I know you are super busy, but I love it when this place is hopping with new projects! âÂÂ¥

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Very cute!

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