Odd/Small house stuff in Chicago?

spunbondwarriorJune 2, 2013

Southern born lunatic goes to the big city. No more 2.5 mile walks from the house to the mailbox and back. No mile walks down to the creek and back. Well, not for 10 days anyway..... No sitting in the woods watching the dogs looking for something to kill. No claiming to be out looking for deer sign or fishing all day even when no fish nowhere is interested in anything. Damn, what will I do?
I hate big cities. Well, not all of them. I have very fond memories of the times I spent time in Chicago and Minneapolis.
My wife is traveling to Chicago on business all week the week after next, and, she needing a large amount of aggravation and adoration while she is there, has asked me to come along. She says that in addition to walking around town around all day long, just this time in a real city with more than three buildings over 3 stories tall (all of which belong to the county, this being the county seat and all) and sidewalks and trains and buses and other such big city things, like lots of people among other things like that, that there are undoubtedly many places in and around Chicago that have lots of odd and unusual and weird even "stuff" that I am interested in purchasing for the new little house.
Stuff. Mirrors, glass, metal work, ceramic stuff, NOS or clean tiles and stone, odd woods, strange windows, odd hardware. Kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, odd stuff.
If any of y'all happen to know of such a place(s), I would very much appreciate your passing the name, and maybe even location too, of any such treasure troves.

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Urban Remains

1850 W. Grand Ave. Chicago, IL 60622

1818 W. Grand Ave. Chicago, IL 60622

2270 N Clybourn Ave
(between Bosworth Ave & Greenview Ave)
Chicago, IL 60614

Ark Thrift Shop
1302 N Milwaukee Ave
(at Paulina St)
Chicago, IL 60622

Stop! Look! Oddments
1305 N. Western Avenue. Chicago, IL 60622
Open 7 days a week, 10am-7pm

Maxwell Street Market
800 S Desplaines St
(between Polk St & Cabrini St)
Chicago, IL 60607


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Looks like everything is in reverse this trip as I'll be the tourist town shopper and Cyndi the working one.... Yes indeed..... Life is good!

We have decided to rent a car and drive there, and that way if I find us a bunch of stuff that we just absolutely must have, Cyndi can fly home and I'll rent a U-Haul and 2 lane it back all the way back home the long way, stopping at every junk and salvage shop store and yard I come across. And that my friends, is my idea of how you go shopping! Cyndi, ever being in her right mind, wants no part of this. She is well aware that I have never met a stranger and just have to stop and look at everything that catches my eye, which means I'll be meeting and talking to a lot of people and that it could take me a week to get back.

This would have been an excellent week for us to go as it has been raining here ever since Monday morning. And so, no septic system for us this week..... The creek is now a full fledged river and the bottom-land and my sweet little swamp are all flooded out and all together it makes for a beautiful view. From 75' above the creek it does anyway

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spunbondwarrior, did you make it to Chicago, and did you find any treasures?

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I am eager to hear about it, too. I have seen the Urban Remains website and salivated over their antique dental cabinetry, among other things. Unfortunately, my husband did not have the same vision as I, and could not imagine using antique white enameled cabinets with a zillion shallow drawers in our bathroom. :-(

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I could just read spunbond's postings all day. I'd buy your book;)

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