Large Wired Witch Pumpkin

anjabeeSeptember 2, 2011

Ok, here is one of the things that will be going into the Fall Boutique. Haven't got it wired yet, but it is reversible. The other side is kind of rough and just painted like a plain pumpkin so you could have it out throughout fall and Halloween. It is pretty big...about 2 ft tall. Witch Design by Monika Brint.

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Love Them! I always like to do two sides and Monika's witches are super...planning to do several on the solar screen, just haven't figured out what kind of frame to use but your pumpkin would be great!

Every line and detail on your pumpkins are sharp and clean....really beautiful!

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I hadn't seen that design before, what a cute witch! I thought the pumpkin was in three pieces until I read Belles comment about the sharp clean lines. Love the shine on it too--did you use something other than the spray on sealer? Hope you get a really good price for this one. Luvs

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Luvs~ it is in 3 sections. I still have to wire it together. I have not had good luck with the spray on sealers lately. They did away with the Walmart brand I liked, at least I can't find it at my Walmart anymore so I changed over to the Krylon, but some of the clears will actually spray white and ruin your project so I went to the Krylon Triple Thick, but lately when I spray my project it leaves some spots that are matte and the rest glossy or it leaves like a white powder on my project that is kinda weird. So I have resorted to the good old bottle sealer/varnish made by Delta that I was sealing the soaps with. Water based and easy clean up and surprisingly the brush strokes don't show on the wood. I'm actually liking it more and more. Thanks! Glad y'all like it. I'm loving Monika Brint lately!

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Love this pumpkin and witch. So cute.
They don't have the WalMart brand sealer at our store anymore either. I tried the Krylon and had the same results as you. Didn't make me happy! I found one at Lowe's that I like, costs more, but it doesn't ruin my projects. It is Deft spray sealer. I'll have to try the brush on and see if I like it.

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Anj....glad, well not really glad, but...glad someone had this problem as well with the spray on sealers. The last Krylon I tried actually left a very sand papery feel to the surface.....not good! Like you, I went back to the old stand by bottle of DecoArt...about the same as Delta, but as no stores around here carry Delta any longer, everything will now be DecoArt. Plus, I don't get headaches because of inhaling the spray....not fun!


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Oh yeah, glad I'm not the only one with problems. Thought I was cursed or something. lol Thanks aggiewife! I'll look for that next time I'm at Lowes! I've certainly been frustrated with it all.

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How did I miss this one? I love it!!! Was this project in one of her books or just a pattern? I would love to buy her new book. So many neat projects in it too.

Keep it up and you'll have me back to painting again.LOL


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This pattern was in one of the painting mags. I'd have to go back and see which one. Quick and Easy I think. I hope I do get you back to painting! I miss your speedy wonderful projects! You know Christmas is coming up fast!! lol

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