Finally....Sheet removed from window !!(pics)


This is how I feel:

WHY you ask.

BECAUSE THE SHEET IS OFF the Sitting room window and the bamboo blind is up !!!!

(we bought the wrong size and a storm brewed but we were able to cut it smaller so peace reigns).

I told my Sweetheart that I was going to post this because this simple accomplishment means we are on the road to getting our space back !. You see I have not seen this window in a long, long time. It was covered after the molding was done during the "restoration". This is making progress.

I'm still looking for my camera charger so I can show you the cabinets...

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it's beautiful! so is the rainbow! throw that sheet in the laundry! then hide it... lol!

keep looking for that charger so we can see the cabs.

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lovely brick wall too. I would love to see a larger picture of the sitting room personally...

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Me too. The shade looks great with the brick. Can we see more, pretty please?

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EatRealFoods, that picture and rainbow look like Ireland to me. My Teahouse is shaped just like an Irish cottage. I love it.

Great show!!!! Cannot wait for you to post pics.

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