Slow! have a Ton-O-Fun in PV!!!!!

Calamity_JJanuary 23, 2010

And remember to give Sam a hug from me!!! Take lots a pics, tell us what's new there!! Janexoxox

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Bless you. W/do as you say. I'm in a quandry, and my hair's on fire. I went to bed at 8:00, thinking I could get a good six hrs. sleep (all I ever get anyway). Set the alarm for 2:00 AM (first time since I retired) and was about to get comfortable when the clock light and night lights went off. RATS!!!! All I could think about was how to get the garage door open if the electricity didn't come back on, and putting makeup on w/candlelight (which I've done many times overseas). Got up and came back to the den, laid on the sofa and pondered what to do. FINALLY the lights are on,so I pulled the Jeep outta the garage, got my makeup on, and am too nervous to go to sleep for fear it'll happen again. Living in this town is almost like living overseas when the utilities were off regularly. I plan to leave at 3:00 AM for the airport (a three-hr drive). Waaaaaaaaaaaah Gotta stay busy so I won't get sleepy. I'll arrive in PV worn out, but gonna have a wonderful time. The teacher of the class is on my flight outta Dallas. Thanks for remembering me, and for reminding me to take the camera. I had forgotten to pack it.

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Oh Slow...sounds like sooooo much for for you!!! Safe travels!

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Please remember to check in here every so often. We wanna see what you are doing! HAVE A WONDERFUL time!


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